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      The biggest bit of gaming that have recently come out is STAR WARS: JEDI FALLEN ORDER.  EA is releasing it, but don’t be discourage, its created by RESPAWN, the same group that brought you that little free gem APEX LEGENDS.  It’s their first single player game so check out the trailer.  Looks incredible.

      ROCKET LEAGUE players, it looks like EPIC GAMES is acquiring Rocket League developer Psyonic.  This mostly will mean the game will appear on the Epic game launcher.  THIS ARTICLE explained more but it sounds like it will still be on steam for the time being if you already own it through steam.

      PlayStation players are getting a PS5.  We don’t know the release date but HERE IS GOOD ARTICLE with many of the details you are looking for.


      I waited till today to post because yesterday I finally got to see the AVENGERS: ENDGAME.  Highly recommend seeing it.  Great way to end a decade of movie build up.  The Russo Brothers announce on Good Morning America that this Monday, May 6th spoilers are open.  So, don’t get upset if you haven’t seen it.

      I hope others out there are watching the last season of GAME OF THRONES.  Sunday, April 28th episode had the most epic hour-long battle that I have ever seen.  The ending will go down in TV history as one of those great TV moments.  I don’t remember that last time I yelled “HELL YEA!” at the screen before.  It will be hard for the last 3 episodes to live up to it.

      Movies for the next couple of months to look at for, JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM looks great on ending that trilogy, GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS looks fun because I grew up watching all those monsters, MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL returns after a many year hiatus, and finally an emotional journey when Toy Story comes to an end in TOY STORY 4.

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