About Us

Weapons of Mass Destruction was formed in 2003 by people who felt that friendship, loyalty,and sportsmanship were just as important as skill. It is our belief that this is the way to enjoy gaming at its best and fullest. We soon realized that playing alongside comrades with shared these same ideals had another benefit - it actually makes us better players. These are the two goals, then, that continue to set the direction of WMD: the first, loyal and professional gameplay, and the second, skillful fragging, with the first goal occupying the place of honor. If you resonate with WMD's goals you may have found your new clan home.


Currently WMD's emphasis is with Battlefield 4 and Team Fortress 2, although we continue to play several other games, including such titles as Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, and various other smaller titles. Many of us enjoy competitive play and of course all of our members also enjoy the laid-back nature of pubbing (especially on WMD servers - where the pings tend to be low,and the level of skill tends to be high!).


Please take a moment to register on our forums and introduce yourself - especially if you have played with us before and have gotten to know us in one of our servers. We love hearing from our guests (especially if there is a problem we can help resolve for you). And of course, if you are thinking of membership as a possibility, please take a look at our Recruitment page where you will find the information you need. Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to post them on the forum; we would be glad to answer them for you. Once again, welcome to WMDGaming, and thank you for visiting.