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  2. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    I'll keep an eye out in Mumble for you guys playing. I went a few rounds last night and it was like K and other mentioned, cool but confusing, died alot, got a few kills, etc.. but didn't get anywhere with team play, which is what I'm looking for. I'm also playing a bit of pubg and bf1. Rising Storm looks pretty cool though. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys. One other thought, what do you guys think of the motion physics of the unreal engine?
  3. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    I have that now.
  4. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    Rising storm 2 vietnam.
  5. Upgraded the Gaming Rig, Built an unRAID Server

    Nice rigs Sean O.
  6. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    I was just looking in Steam at Rising Storm. Which version would I need?
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  8. Battlefield 5 Trailer coming soon.

    Give me MG36 !!!!!!!
  9. Battlefield 5 Trailer coming soon.

    I'll be excited for anything that takes place post-WWII. (My first choice is Bad Company 3 Vietnam!)
  10. Battlefield 5 Trailer coming soon.

    Some leaks have said WW2, some have said Bad Company, I think some might have said 2143 also. I'm hoping for 2143 too!
  11. Would like it to be a 2143 title, but we can dream right.
  12. What are we playing now?

    World of warcraft...
  13. Far Cry 5 release Mar 27th (interesting storyline)
  14. Sale on Origin... BF1 $9.99
  15. Upgraded the Gaming Rig, Built an unRAID Server

    For what? The unRAID server? The thing is whisper quite with the fans right now and the temps are very low. Or do you mean replace the AIO cooler? To be honest, this is my first AIO cooler and I am not that impressed. The temps seem slightly higher then a heat-sink and fan, the noise is defiantly grater.
  16. Upgraded the Gaming Rig, Built an unRAID Server

    Use liquid cooling.
  17. Hold your own

    Its another survival game (Steam) It doesn't appear to involve much building but it has a 7dtd feel
  18. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    I haven't been playing much because many of the servers kick me for my ping. If you find some good servers that we can save in our history that don't auto kick, then I'm back in
  19. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    I have to admit I did not like the game much at first, but as K said. You just have to get used to gun sounds and how the enemy looks. (cause there not just red and blue) which would be nice. And playing with friends makes all the difference. Frost,Raven,Fallen...........
  20. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    We need more people actually giving this an honest try. This game requires a good 4 - 6 hours playing with friends to really get a feel for it. Map knowledge is huge. It would be really nice to have more people playing this so that we could perhaps begin to have talks of getting a server so that we can put settings to where more of us would like them. Those of us playing have hopped on a few privately hosted servers and there are options to adjust a lot of the settings. Insta kill feed, no team killing, kill cam on, etc.. This is a really enjoyable game once you get past the initial learning curve and PTSD of getting shot a lot.
  21. What are we playing now?

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
  22. What up? I have had an "Adult job for a while now and thought I would upgrade my computer from my last build in 2013. Should work well for anything I throw at it. Thought I would share my recent creations with the clan. One is a gaming rig, the other an unRAID server for my media and to backup all of my devices. Main Rig that I will upgrade: Case: BeQuite Dark Base 700 CPU: i7 8700K Running @ 5.1 Ghz Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC), RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) PSU: Power and Cooling MK III 750W GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Boot Drive w/ Win 10: Samsung 960 1TB M.2 HDD 1: Samsung 840 SSD 1TB HDD 2: WD 4TB Black x 2 New unRAID build: Case: HAF 912 CPU: i5 3570K (O.C. 4.2Ghz) Still puting in work. Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V RAM: 4x4GB G. Skillz DDR3 816MHz (16GB) PSU: EVGA Supernova 550 G2 (ECO Mode) Cache Drive: Samsung 840 PRO - 256GB Parity Drive: WD 8TB Red HDD 1: WD 8 TB Red HDD 2: WD 8TB Red Boot Drive: USB 16GB x 2 SuperMicro CSE-M35T-1B SATA 6G PCI Express Card 8 x Fans. Should stay cool
  23. What are we playing now?

    Player Unknowns Battle Grounds or BUST!
  24. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    I agree with the above. Excellent team game, have to put your team above yourself. Also you can get a lot of points from capping points even if you don't get a lot of kills. Suppression fire actually matters a lot. Makes it much more like a real war, and less like a video game deathmatch. Very interesting game, I think it's a lot of fun

    I'll donate if you promise to be nicer to me

    Hey guys, we have 1-2 upcoming bills to keep the website running through our VPS. Because of some anonymous donors behind the scenes, I haven't had to ask for donations in a long time (look at above date!). Hopefully 4-5 people wouldn't mind chipping in $5-$10 to keep us running for another 6 months to a year. Thanks all! Paypal donations should be sent to the following address:
  27. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    Mith has got my brain thinking, which is dangerous, on this topic. The quick sell points on the game are easy. There are a few of us playing the game. It's price range is very affordable, it's not a huge title. And given that it is not a huge title the expectation going into the game should be less for everyone and the issues it has "should" be easier to take. I mean there are a few of us, myself included, that have dropped some good money on Battlefield games that have been complete garbage with bugs, hit scans, and other silly issues. Now the meat and potatoes of this game is this..... There is a HUGE learning curve with this game. That is the most daunting obstacle to get over. Most of us are very comfortable with the current FPS game or games that we are playing or have played. And those experiences will help you to adjust to the subtleties of this game, but you're going to have a hard time to start getting use to how this game operates. This game easily takes playing a map 4 times before you really get an idea and true feel for it. Understanding your sense of direction and where threat will be coming from is HUGE. As Mith said, spotting is probably the toughest thing to do in this game. Knowing where to concentrate on looking is essential. It also allows you to know how far and where to advance to which leads in the next big hurdle. Positioning. This is not a game you can really run and gun in and have success. One, the enemy is more likely going to spot you and two you put yourself in harms way of your team. Learning how to advance in cover and fire from cover is really important. If you own this game do yourself a favor and give it multiple tries with us. We can all die horrible deaths to napalm, flamethrowers, team kills, and other forms of PTSD together. It really isn't a terrible game if you give it an honest chance and try not to compare it to previous games and comfort levels. If you want my own experience, my first game I "MAY" have gotten 1 kill and died probably 20 times. Had no idea where anything was coming from. My second game I probably had 2 kills which where teammates and died about 20 times not knowing where things were coming from. My third and forth games I started to get some kills and dying a bit less frequently. Now, I range from about 15 - 30 kills and enjoying it more and more.
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