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  2. Prey?

    anyone played Prey? it looked half decent and is on sale atm
  3. Earlier

    My computer found a trojan within the downloaded far cry files shared above....scrap that idea I guess

    is anyone still doing this? I can probably try it sometime soon
  6. Insurgency Sandstorm

    I've been playing it during the free weekend and I'll probably buy it during the sale because I like this sort of thing. Its a slower more realistic type of shooter, and I feel that the main fun comes from the COOP modes and the 'zombie' game mode. Weapon handling and customization is very realistic, so if you're a gun nerd like me you'd like it.
  7. Insurgency Sandstorm

    Jack Frags has some video on it So I'd venture to say it's pretty good Sounds like from this video it is FTP this W/E Personally I can't really tell if it reminds me more of BF3 and/or MOH I'd probably be willing to install it if there's any chance you were to join us for some 7DTD Anyway here is Jacks video which touches on the games "roadmap"
  8. Insurgency Sandstorm

    I noticed this game on Steam. Anybody tried it? Got lots of FPS awards.

    id try it sometime, but might have to wait a couple weeks

    Thanks for the info!!!

    So me and Soul tried this out this morning. Installation went fine with a fresh FarCry installation, and the thing basically works. There are some funny things like it resetting your controls each time you launch the game but nothing horrible. The main problem seems to be that all of the servers are in Europe and that there are no players.... If we want to get 6-8 of us together one night and play it I think it would be pretty fun for nostalgia if nothing else!

    if anyone tries it out, let us know how it goes, and whether it's fun. Also, if there are any cheaters/hackers

    So am I!!!

    I'm down.

    Anyone tried this by chance? Found it on Reddit. Far Cry 1 Online multiplayer is back!!! Far Cry 1 Remember the days of the first far cry, the groundbreaking graphics and open world gameplay. Have you missed the multiplayer all together or just left because new games came out or because Ubisoft shut down the official support for multiplayer... Well, no need to daydream about it no more. A group of modders worked hard to bring back the days of Far Cry 1 multiplayer back. Fixing a lot of bugs that were left out by official patches, combining best features of different versions of the game( 1.4 or 1.33) to bring best possible experience for players. Also the all new feature that was not by default in Far Cry 1 is map downloader, which makes joining a games with custom maps easy, as maps will be downloaded automatically upon joining. There are already clan matches going on for a while if you are into it, also casual players playing FFA or TDM. Most popular mode is Assault. No need to make accounts go to Last Resistance 2: Download the launcher and launch it 😀 It will show up in cloud in right down corner of your monitor. For online just check LR2 in toolbar. So just launch the LR2 launcher and launch the game through it by clicking on LR2. Hope to see you online soon and lets have some fun. If you have any questions go to official LR2 page and use the shoutbox 😀 UPDATE; UBI login no longer needed. When prompted just press cancel.
  16. Battlefield 5

    Saw one of these on Saturday.

    The biggest bit of gaming that have recently come out is STAR WARS: JEDI FALLEN ORDER. EA is releasing it, but don’t be discourage, its created by RESPAWN, the same group that brought you that little free gem APEX LEGENDS. It’s their first single player game so check out the trailer. Looks incredible. ROCKET LEAGUE players, it looks like EPIC GAMES is acquiring Rocket League developer Psyonic. This mostly will mean the game will appear on the Epic game launcher. THIS ARTICLE explained more but it sounds like it will still be on steam for the time being if you already own it through steam. PlayStation players are getting a PS5. We don’t know the release date but HERE IS GOOD ARTICLE with many of the details you are looking for. ENTERTAINMENT NEWS I waited till today to post because yesterday I finally got to see the AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Highly recommend seeing it. Great way to end a decade of movie build up. The Russo Brothers announce on Good Morning America that this Monday, May 6th spoilers are open. So, don’t get upset if you haven’t seen it. I hope others out there are watching the last season of GAME OF THRONES. Sunday, April 28th episode had the most epic hour-long battle that I have ever seen. The ending will go down in TV history as one of those great TV moments. I don’t remember that last time I yelled “HELL YEA!” at the screen before. It will be hard for the last 3 episodes to live up to it. Movies for the next couple of months to look at for, JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM looks great on ending that trilogy, GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS looks fun because I grew up watching all those monsters, MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL returns after a many year hiatus, and finally an emotional journey when Toy Story comes to an end in TOY STORY 4.
  18. Just saying hello

    This is surprising. Usually now a days we're are looked at for being toxic and a bunch of clan stackers cause we play together. It's also surprising that someone played with Frost and enjoyed themselves. In seriousness, sorry if no one has really responded quickly we have not been very active with the forums in quite some time. And especially with recruiting. It's great to see that you've found our little corner of the internet and I hope you've checked back in and have added some of us that you played with to your friends list. We could use some new blood in here.
  19. Just saying hello

    Hello! It was nice playing with ya. Sorry if SoulCrusher was a bit off putting. But we have to deal with that too. Cheers
  20. Just saying hello

    Hello W]M[D. Just a fellow gamer looking for a casual group to game with. I was playing with a few of your members on BF5 earlier. Seems like a good group I would like to game with.

    The past couple of months have seen a few big pieces of gaming news. BLIZZARD announced a big gain in profits, then decided to lay off 800 employees. When you look up different articles about this, it seems the company has changed from what it use to be a many years ago. Honestly in 5 years BLIZZARD will probably be a different company than what we remember. APEX LEGENDS, this game came out of nowhere. What I have read about it, even though its released on EA platform Origin, it is not an EA Game. When EA bought RESPAWN, the makers of TITAN FALL, people thought what would come down from them. Maybe another type of TITAN FALL game, or something like that, but what I hear is they went to EA and asked to do a different game. EA at first said no, but they told them that EA doesn’t need to advertise it just let them do what they do and put the game on their platform. Let RESPAWN take all the heat. Well the rest is history, with no advertisement they just released it and boom the game exploded in a world of fun. Its like they too the best parts from other battle arenas and combined them in a great. I bet we see other games take on some of its aspects. If you saw the trailer last year about ANTHEM from BIOWARE, people thought this game was going have a chance to be game of the year. Upon release last week its only about 50% good. Talking to people who played it they say the same thing, its ok/good, just not a game that draws you in. More like a game you put when nothing else to play. Because of they wanted a better response, BIOWARE now has released a 90 DAY ROADMAP hope to tell people it will get better. Time will tell. ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Of course, the big movie coming this year is AVENGERS: ENDGAME on April 26th, but we get to introduce ourselves to CAPTAIN MARVEL on March 8th. What will happen to this universe. I believe this will end phase 3 of Marvel, and the new phase 4 of Marvel movies start this summer with SPIDERMAN: FAR FROM HOME on July 5th. What changes will we see. Other notable movies coming, DUMBO March 29th, HELLBOY April 12th, JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM on May 17th. These are just a few that I am interested in, but this spring and summer movies should be a big growth in the box office. Don’t know if you realize this but right now the highest grossing movie in the world at over $600 Million is not a US movie. It’s THE WANDERING EARTH from China. It was so well received that NETFLIX bought the STREAMING RIGHTS to it very quickly. Unknown as to when it will be released here in the states and the concept is crazy, but I can’t wait to see it myself. Love a good sci fi movie. FUTURE UPDATES I found I can find more news I like by doing this every other month instead of monthly. I hope to continue like this which seem easier. I hope all of you are always having fun and keep on gaming and don't get to cold out their this winter.
  22. Battlefield V - I think they finally broke up the band.

    We need a Battlefield V forum. New huge patch came out. Should hopefully fix a lot of the issues like ammo falling through the floor etc... It's supposed to address numerous netcode issues as well. And so far, Dice has been a joke when it comes to anti-cheat but there may be hope on the horizon:
  23. what's up

    Great! we're on the Battlefield 5 train now
  24. what's up

    Doing good! Happy New Year Sniperman! What have you been up to the past few years?
  25. what's up

    Hey guys sniperman here long time no see how's everyone doing

    What can we say about 2018 for gaming. Here is a WIKI page that has all the releases and events of 2018 gaming. I picked up BATTLEFIELD 5 myself and I am enjoying it. With 2019 around the corner, here are couple of things I would expect. First it will be interesting to see what is going to happen with BLIZZARD, don’t know if you heard, but ACTIVISION seems to be taking over. Blizzard offering payouts to their Customer Service reps, to leadership changes. HERE is an interesting reddit post that might explain a little about what is happening, but let’s see what this year has for us. We also got a NINTENDO SWITCH for Christmas SMASH BROS is awesome. MECHWARRIOR 5 looks fun and they are making of live action movie of DYNASTY WARRIORS. I know the movie will be all wire fu but I played all the games multiple times, so it will be fun just to watch. KINGDOM HEARTS 3 will be fun plus a couple of other games on the horizons. Be on the lookout. MOVIES 2019 will be a year of superhero movies. M. Night Shyamalan movie GLASS will be one of the first. But of course, we have CAPTAIN MARVEL which leads to AVENGERS: ENDGAME. A new X-MEN movie, throw in another SPIDER-MAN movie and a little SHAZAM and JOHN WICK dropping more bodies, finally ending the year in STAR WARS. When you get a chance, put down the game and go out for some dinner and enjoy a movie. ENJOY LIFE I had a couple of rough years but now seeing my oldest going to college I have new hope. Don’t let the politics get you down, if you want to complain make sure you vote too. If you don’t like the movies out there, you can make your own now with your cell phone. Steven Soderbergh did it with UNSANE. Just have a little fun this year, go outside, play a board game with kids, EXPLODING KITTENS is fun.
  27. Help a confused lad out

    So, haven't really posted here. But I have a question for y'all mature adults (Excluding Frost) Ive been looking at UI Design as a career and I just wanted to ask, do any of you have experience or knowledge of this field? Any help is appreciated. PS: Love ya Frost
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