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  2. Eternal Card Game

    I highly highly recommend eternal card game on steam. It's similar to magic the gathering and hearthstone. It's free. It's a lot of fun. It's well made. And they keep coming out with new features. I like it a lot more than hearthstone. And maybe more than magic too.
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  4. Battlefield V - I think they finally broke up the band.

    I'm thankful for the fact that probably nobody else needs to know this but your gonna want to open origin and select the game and hit the "try now" button (Good Luck if you try a search for demo/Beta etc.)
  5. Battlefield V - I think they finally broke up the band.

    You can Pre- download the open beta now.
  6. Battlefield V - I think they finally broke up the band.

    Think we need a BFV coms channel? I just bought the premier access but still no Alpha/Beta play
  7. Battlefield V - I think they finally broke up the band.

    I've been playing the Alpha of BFV. It'll be different but it's fun.

    BACK TO SCHOOL Hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Its back to school season and most schools have started or will start soon. I know your all aware, ESPORTS have really exploded across the world and become more and more main stream. There are even talks of ESPORTS IN THE OLYMPICS in 2024. This goes down even to the local level, here where I am in Arizona, HIGH SCHOOLS WILL OFFER ESPORTS, and include a state championship. Imagine telling your kids "Yea I lettered in sports and won a state championship in high school, playing video games." Gaming News BATTLE OF AZEROTH started on August 14th for all WoW players. It even broke its own 1 day record of selling 3.4 MILLION COPIES. Wonder what will happen If Blizzard decides to make another MMO. I thought of a possibility were Blizzard creates a new MMO where WoW merges with it so you have 3 factions, WoW, Starcraft, Diablo. Wouldn't that be insane. There is a new game coming out next year, from the creators of THE WITCHER 3, you know what I am talking about CYBERPUNK 2077. The game has only released some wallpapers, concept art, screenshots, and a nice trailer. People say in the screenshots you can kinds of see what the combat will be like. Either way it should be one incredible game. I read a great article about BATTLEFIELD 5 a couple of days ago which was someone who got to play the demo some and I got excited about. Maybe this will be the game to bring WMD back together again for some good old PUBSTOMPING. Entertainment News August tends to be a time to push that last popcorn movie out such at MEG and MILE 22, and flood cable and internet ads with a bunch of trailers for the upcoming fall TV season. One surprising hit was CRAZY RICH ASIANS. Twitter and other sites seem to really love this movie. I haven't seen it yet, but actually plan too. Finally for the most demented movie to come out in a long time THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS. For those who think TED was an edgy plush bear, think again after you watch this movie. It's not going to win any Oscars, it will probably win RAZZIES, just watch THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS trailer and find out for yourself.
  9. Summer Gaming

    Summer is a time when everyone is out doing their own thing. They may be on vacation, sunbathing, hiking, working, just doing whatever, until school starts. Many of us here have full time jobs so working is big and not much a summer vacation. But all in all hope you got in some good game playing time. Summer can be a great stress reliever, well at least for me anyway, gaming takes you to a place where I can blow apart that monster and feel good about it. I love coming home from a long day and just playing a few rounds of SMITE makes all the bad feelings go away. I hope the same is with all you gamer's out there as well. Gaming News. Don’t know if you heard but Battlefield V Open Beta is coming in early September. According to the article the closed beta did provide a lot of good feedback. Let’s hope for the best and make for a fun game to play. Steam Summer Sale was last month. I bought Divinity 2 to satisfy my RPG world. Did you all pick up any good games? Speaking of Steam Summer Sale, did you know Steam banned over 40K users on the day after the sale ended? Some people just don’t learn. With technology the way it is now, if you don’t get caught now someday you will. Karma will also get you in the end. For the MMO players, World of Warcraft will release its new expansion on August 14th. I was a long time player, now I only play when the mood hits. This expansion though seems to bring back that old feeling of just Orcs vs Humans, could be a good thing. Maybe I will pick it up sooner than later. Entertainment News. Did any of you catch Ant-Man and the Wasp? Hope you stayed for the end credits scene, I feel like others in that is how the movie should have ended and not put it as an end credit scene. I few of my friends saw Sorry To Bother You, it might be showing in your art house theater. I haven’t seen it but hearing them talk about it and them saying it’s probably the best movie to come out all year. I might have to go out and see it. Mission Impossible - Fallout comes out next week. Early previews got good reviews. You get to see Superman with his mustache. LOL
  10. Groups

    Does anyone have a rather specific grouping that they find fun to play? I have been somewhat enjoying 3x3 Tank n Support It seems to work best with an aggressive DVA whose just not to overaggressive Quite obviously a good Reaper can provide plenty of pain (Worst appears to be a Genji Pharah combo)
  11. Battle On!!

    W]M[D Gaming is a community of people who have similar interests. We play all variety of games, from MMO’s to tabletops. Even enjoy watching movies in our Netflix channel. Please poke around if interested. I hope to get out some kind of article once a month, talking about the games we play and the shows we watch. The World of Games The game most are playing now tend to be scattered. Could be Diablo, Overwatch , even Rising Storm 2 Vietnam. We tend to rally and come together when something new that will peak our interest. Battlefield 5 recently was announced and maybe a bunch of us will get back into it and have some fun. Personally I would like a sequel to Battlefield 2142, but we can dream right. I always thought if they did a first person shooter type of game, wouldn’t be cool to be in the super power universe. Overwatch is a close reality to it, but want more open environment in the Battlefield type of genre. The Video Entertainment. Hope everyone catches Incredibles 2. The reviews are great. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom just started, Ant-Man and the Wasp next month. Westworld is almost over, but most people are probably waiting for Games of Thrones to come back and finish off. Did you hear HBO green lighted a Game Of Thrones Prequel, that will be a journey I am sure. Let’s talk again next month. Have fun and keep on gaming.
  12. Battlefield V - I think they finally broke up the band.

    Well they still have a few months, maybe they'll take the huge backlash seriously and give us the gritty authentic WWII game we want.
  13. Battlefield V - I think they finally broke up the band.

  14. Battlefield V - I think they finally broke up the band.

    Nav...I love this
  15. So, the big "reveal" was today. Battlefield V or (5 if you wish) is supposed to take place during WWII. EA/DICE are going for a "realistic" portrayal of WWII. However, after viewing the Trailer, it's anything but "realistic". Then, to top it all off, the franchise has finally succumbed to the social justice warriors and now we have a one-armed female front line soldier. Yeah, very believable for a WWII shooter. Also, we have some guy running around with a Katana on his back (in the European Theater). Anyway, within 2 hours of the Trailer release, the video had over 62000 dislikes and a resurgence to the #notmybattlefield movement. I am really not sure what EA/DICE are thinking, but when you get a racist SJW like Trevor Noah to introduce your game (who has probably never played a Battlefield game in his life), what do you expect? Some reactions: Anyway, see the video for yourself.
  16. Battlefield 5

    Trailer is here and its parts of WW2
  17. Battlefield 5

    Please be something worth playing!!!!
  18. Battlefield 5

    It's Battlefield 3 finally patched and updated to not have the graphic bugs and other errors that were at launch.
  19. Battlefield 5

    Tell us what it is already EA!
  20. Battlefield 5 Its coming.
  21. Not sure can't remember !  Thanks anyways


  22. Far Cry 5 release Mar 27th

  23. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    I'll keep an eye out in Mumble for you guys playing. I went a few rounds last night and it was like K and other mentioned, cool but confusing, died alot, got a few kills, etc.. but didn't get anywhere with team play, which is what I'm looking for. I'm also playing a bit of pubg and bf1. Rising Storm looks pretty cool though. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys. One other thought, what do you guys think of the motion physics of the unreal engine?
  24. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    I have that now.
  25. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    Rising storm 2 vietnam.
  26. Upgraded the Gaming Rig, Built an unRAID Server

    Nice rigs Sean O.
  27. Rising Storm 2 - Worth a Second (or Fifth) Try

    I was just looking in Steam at Rising Storm. Which version would I need?
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