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  2. GuEsS WhO's Back?

    Correction to my last post: (Mith sent me this)
  3. GuEsS WhO's Back?

    So the latest leak is that the next Battlefield game coming out will, in fact, be Bad Company 3. The guy who leaked this information correctly predicted / leaked the last 2 BF games. I'm super excited about this. I've been waiting for BC3 forever.
  4. GuEsS WhO's Back?

    hey frost thank you
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  6. GuEsS WhO's Back?

    TIGER!! We're in mumble now. Address:, Port: 64740 (no password) We're playing overwatch, 7 days to die, some TF2 and some other games. Here's hoping Bad Company 3 comes out next year!
  7. GuEsS WhO's Back?

  8. GuEsS WhO's Back?

  9. GuEsS WhO's Back?

    TIGRE MY BROTHER!!!!! How are you my friend? What game do you want to play? You should try some PS2...You can now win the game least the planet.
  10. GuEsS WhO's Back?

    I know its been a long time since we played together but life change without you noticing... how's everybody?
  11. tf2 anyone

    we played for like 5 days in a row a week or 2 ago - I looked for you every night and you weren't on! Glad you're back. We'll play more.
  12. tf2 anyone

    ah a year since anyone posted in the TF2 forum! I've somehow managed to be on several nights in a row. after being off about 2 weeks.
  13. What are we playing now?

    I'm still playing Planetside2 since Battlefield 2143 let us down. I played the Battlefield 1 beta but I didn't buy the game. If you guys get this rolling I'll pick it up and join you.
  14. What are we playing now?

    Hey Some, I'm playing Mechwarrior Online but I have BF1, just have gotten into it. Might try Battlefront II at some point.
  15. What are we playing now?

    I'm playing BF1. I only have time to play one and I guess I'm kinda stuck on the battlefield series.
  16. What are we playing now?

    I'm checking out Fornite. Very grindy, but still fun
  17. What are we playing now?

    Hey Gerrit! 10% - Guildwars 2 20% - Overwatch 10% - TF2 10% - 7 days to die 20% - Destiny 2 5% - PUBG 5% - Planetside 2 20% - Hibernating Lawnchair - Soulcrusher Rest - Misc. smaller games This was off the head and not (surprise surprise) a scientific survey. We're all over the place at the moment.
  18. Projects

    As requested the final product.... Now I have to practice playing which I have no real musical talent. It took a hell of a long time.
  19. What are we playing now?

    Hey all, been a while since I was on here. I now have a computer that can play games. So whats everyone playing these days? I'm hoping I can jump in at some point but i should probably update my gaming library lol. Talk to you all soon Gerrit
  20. Battlefront 2

    Yes even in multiplayer
  21. Beta Play.. COD or SW?

    So ya say CoD may not be half bad.. Sounds like you the man for any setup questions! ..OverWatch does sound good for sure..
  22. Beta Play.. COD or SW?

    I tried the CoD beta and hated it. The main reason is that I had terrible mouse/input lag, and could not get it to run smoothly no matter how long I tinkered with it. I also thought the graphics were pretty bad. Overall it felt too much like a console port to me. This weekend is the open beta for Star Wars Battlefront 2. I've downloaded it on Origin and have played it a couple times. Much smoother than CoD, but I haven't played it long enough to know how I feel about it yet. Hopefully some of you will be on tonight and we can group up. Look for me in the Battlefront 2 Mumble channel. The Overwatch Halloween event starts October 10. I plan on playing that. Bottom line, I'll probably play whichever game Soul isn't playing. He's always been kind of a bully.
  23. Beta Play.. COD or SW?

    By chance have ya guys figured out which of the two, should be installed? I know I didn't sign up for nothing, but for example Frost aint been exactly too message happy.. Hope too check post back later, and know more.. Im not exactly sure I have a preference.. But like I can't recall Soul screaming, Guys need too whatever, much about alot.. Same time it is cod too right.. I know BF kinda kicked some of us in daballs though too.. Guess if its like a vote type deal? Im w/ Soul, but I know Frost, you is gifted w/ like words LOL.. Its kinda wise too listen to you.. So Frost, what ya thinking? Do ya know of any GB space concerns? (Im thinking Soul may install both, myself) Hope anybody been gone awhile is ready for some Overwatch.. Betas can suck sometimes..
  24. Battlefront 2

    FOV is locked in beta (apparently not in real game). To fix the horrible FOV in beta, follow these easy instructions:
  25. Battlegrounds is a Cool Game / Who is playing?

    Add me on steam. I am always down to play. SeanO_Devil
  26. Battlefront 2

    Don't wait for Battlefront Oxide, join us in Overwatch sometimes!
  27. Battlefront 2

    I know I haven't been on with you guys in awhile. But if people are getting this I might just be back on.
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