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  2. started playing this game lately as I hadn't had as much time to be sitting at my pc. it seems fun so far. playing on mobile sometimes, sometimes on an emulator on pc. If you try it out come join me in state 182. SiW alliance. we're also using discord for it.
  3. Here is a vid covering currency in-game (six forms now) Good Stuff!
  4. Guys I know I can be quite subjective when I tout some things So I'm just gonna say some might consider watching whatever you wind up finding on YouTube! Basically, our "Outfit" earns progress capturing bases (including holding them) towards unlocking needed "materials" towards unlocking a Bastion It's also worth noting some bases payout differently and are more valuable to own Think we're close to a 1/4 way on earning a Bastion more or less If we have at least five guys I think just two days could mean quite a bit There are no upgrades on the Bastion AFAIK so it wreaks havoc on the battlefield in stock form It's worth noting that a planned colossal tank using the same "materials" will have some variants aside from the main gun which actually does damage to the tank itself when fired Again it's a free game to play and now quite a few of the "pay" items can be earned/rewarded through play Items like camo's/guns etc.
  5. Miss you guys too. and BTW today is TSM's 38th birthday as well. Happy B Day Smoky
  6. Well, when you get old you start to forget things... I miss you Oxide!
  7. Hey I popped up on my April 9th that you were 50 years old on that WMD birthday thing in the upper right of the forums. Its not my fault if you entered your birthdate wrong in your profile. LOL.
  8. Big "40!" Not sure where you got 50 Oxide, but some days I feel like 50! 😄
  9. 5-0 huh Frost? Happy Birthday and welcome to the 50's club
  10. Happy big 50 Birthday Frost Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay healthy everyone.
  11. I am on WarZone all the time. Hit me up. You can always catch me in the WMD Gaming Discord channel.
  12. Hello folks, If there's anyone around looking for a new (free!) FPS to play, I'd highly suggest you take a look at the new CoD Battle Royale game, Warzone. Soulcrusher and I have been playing it a lot over the past two weeks and its a ton of fun. If anyone has any questions about the game, I'd be happy to answer them as Soul and I are looking for some more folks to play with. Tristan
  13. Nexus, yep on my second play through. I like it!
  14. I've been playing this a bit more again lately. pretty rusty though. not the same without my old mouse either. anyone else?
  15. I saw this finally came out on Steam. I had it a while back through the Epic store as a free game from some hardware upgrades. Anyone else have this?
  16. DeadMeat

    7 DTD Server

    For all interested parties, we have updated the server to the latest stable alpha 18.4 Build, and restarted with a new random Gen Map today 3/8/2020. The Server IP is server name is wmdgaming Check in the members only section for the PW
  17. Zipperbag


    I just saw this (News to me anyway)
  18. Ok, who is going to get Borderlands 3, I have my preorder ready to go!
  19. Hey! The upgrade is done! No more spambots I hope
  20. Well, I spoke too soon! I checked our paypal account, and in the past month or so we've had a generous donation from InfamousBob and Sumfriggin dude! Thanks guys! Your contributions should be way more than enough to keep us going for at least another year (maybe 2 if we can stretch it)! Next time you see these gentlemen around, give em a big thanks. Big hearts!
  21. Hi all, I know our forums haven't been super active of late, and so we've tried to keep the costs way down and go longer between updates. However, some of you may have noticed the dozens of spammers that have been joining the site almost every day. This is because our 1) Invision Forum software is now out of date, our License Renewal has expired (this includes spam defense), and 3) Google has retired Recaptcha1, and we can't subscribe to the new invisible Recaptcha until we upgrade the Invision software. Needless to say, this is a perfect storm! Soul and I have been trying to keep up, and I delete many spammers every day, but this isn't sustainable. I've asked Fernferret, Snpbond, and Raven to look into what we need to get everything going smoothly again for a year or two. So far, we need probably $60-75 in the WMD paypal account to cover the upgrades and licenses. So for those of us who still use these forums, if anyone wants to contribute a little so we can make this happen, please do so. Feel free to send me a PM here and let me know if you do. As always, you can send it via paypal to Thanks peeps!
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