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  2. Currently free with Twitch Prime - link your Amazon Prime (if you have it) to Twitch and get a free golden loot box...I got a skin I didn't have...and get 10 more loot boxes this summer through it.
  3. glad you're liking the game zip
  4. I don't wanna sound too lame about how much effort it takes or doesn't take. But ya think we can update the main info page? Overwatch just celebrated an anniversary! DOUBLE XP Speaking of OverWatch.. Imitation is the truest form of a compliment ( think Lawbreakers) Think some of ya should reconsider your take on the game. Now I cant really compare it all that much too team fortress, but I do understand similarities in appearance. However, I believe OW is not only an updated (graphically) version, but adds upon the best from some other games. Its full of counters, but rewards teamwork often enough. Guns blazing can be a smashing success, and/or a miserable failure. Think its like this sorta: We may both love Westerns! But ya didn't enjoy blazing saddles? Now I cant really argue some points i.e. Yeah, I guess its a "twitchy" game. But I don't want ya to believe the best twitch aint gonna meet his match. The game has actual cheats for specific class's like sniper. The shooter sees you, and the gun auto targets. Im thinking the "twitchy" guy earns a personal bounty. One somewhat notable difference on this game (imho), I believe we can all agree that "Rush" games can become adulterated w/ KDR players. While this game is more than just CTF. It can be a moving CTF too start, but it doesn't really appear too scream "Its about ME" when pressing tab for stats. Uh huh, Yeah even actual kills are broken down between both "elimination" or actual "Objective" kills.. Be my guest to feel great about going 20 eliminations 2 objective w/ 4 deaths Your math might be 5.0 KDR! My math is a loss (not on point) carrying a negative two deaths. That may be a bit over the top, but I know for fact my KDR is based purely on my team (at times anyway) Ive personally seen several W's w/ either 2 or maybe 4 deaths running full steam the whole game! Ive also seen an 18 death game loss. that was just awful in so many ways. I wind up breaking off one char (close too Ultimate?) which may eliminate the teams only healer. I may instinctually attempt Bastion to up the raw firepower! Determine that to be a mistake, while I predetermine the course of action too involve a plan to bring in my Rain, only to find it would mean 3 tanks on the team (clocks ticking) Do I bring in a healer, maybe it would now be the 2nd healer which we probably needed to start? How about my Torbjorn, who can make me a killing w/ his turret, but make some players believe I'm sorta clueless on "DPS" or some other need-to-know stuff Technically, theres still a few chars that may be a bit too buff'd for my taste. I call em bow n arrow guy, and rocket girl. On a side note dontcha think its ironic that DVa announces "nerf this" before she crit kills ya at 100% health? I swear if I don't feel targeted by DVa? I know Junkrats wheel is for me, and whoever else is on point. And, Yeah its true! I dislike kdr chatter (team game) while I may harp about "objective play". BUT, If ya have a great sense of humor? L2P Mei I can team up w/ a decent Mei, and have a game within a game. She freezes em, I HS em, press heal, and its on to the next one! Its kinda scary good The best (funniest) part about facing DVa for me personally? I try to play aggressive, possibly in hopes of raising fear lvls (should only fear God) I started out trying to get up n close for headshots (that didn't work) I learned that she was gonna blow up, and kill me no matter what? I still have a natural reaction to chase a target like a dog. So I'm pressing to move forward, while remembering I need to get outta dodge. Now I find myself asking folks in game " Hey gee gee guys btw How do you stop DVa from blowing up her tank on ya" I hear something like "Yeah, ya need to be out of the LOS" Bottom line? I'm a lvl 60+ noob However, I can usually figure out how a games gonna play out based on characters chosen. I believe its real easy to begin to think ya know it all in this game! Ya may even want to discuss this fact w/ your teammates. I'll just warn ya to be prepared to be humbled if you happen to be playing w/ a somewhat knowledgeable, honest person. Ive held back efforts at times, and seen my team appear to follow suit. Then we grab a gear as a team, and its game on until the finish FTW! Other times, ya just don't get the breaks at the right times. Focus your efforts too much on an awesome Reinhart? Ya may earn the W! But ya may just leave your team out to dry from another knowledgeable player. p.s. Don't be shocked to find other games, attempting to implement similar gameplay... In comparison to BF,, Ya wont see the need for a support to drop ammo, but ya may be glad ya got a camper behind ya that don't miss! Basically if ya enjoy laughing, and can tolerate getting a beat down? I think you'll enjoy the game
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  6. Lets start off w/ I dont believe we need to concern ourselves w/ a Lucio nerf anytime soon.. Also, my apologies for bumping an old thread. 1st) Spot on involving the use of ultimate. Think ya need to know your team (preface: I tend to call out that Im planning to Ultimate) For instance, I could press Q and shock Soul into action. Im sure he may think bad choice, but know I coulda did worse. But, sometimes w/ pubbers? Ya may have two three guys w/ ya that dont care to make a push once activated. So yeah relax You could announce its comming, state the area, and count it down. It doesnt always matter 2nd Mileage may vary on the calling out for health. I mean if I spend days on the point, and see the request returning from death/spawn? Im kinda bent LOL So, Id ask Lucio where he plans to play if possible Back flank point Odds are he wants to heal ya, even if your roastin marshmallows. However, if your gonna sit n spin, please be aware of where the health packs are located. Basically the "TF2 rule" makes alot of sense 3rd I rarely stop from pushing. So it might be kinda rare for me to say "PUSH". However, I may stop to speed up two or three dead players Id almost say "save your group up messages", w/ your "I need healing" but it would be hard to explain. (Misery loves company, isnt just an expression) 4th) Im enjoying Lucio, but I cant say Im worth your time asking questions. For instance, I still havnt experimented w/ walling, so my game is likely to change a bit. Only recently started running amp up when most friendlies are dead Or not around. Good post Azn! btw: Anybody recognize the name Waundr? I got a friend request, and dont know the name
  7. Sorry is the actual gameplay
  8. The Star wars game doesn't look to bad but I have noticed the games don't always play like the trailers. I would still like to try it. I'm with you on the Battlefield 2143 or whatever they end up calling it. We've only been promised this game for 5+ years now.
  9. I saw the presentation they gave. Looks good again, but I had high hopes for the last one. Though this will have a single player campaign and a lot more maps and playable teams. Playing a droid could be cool. It will have people/heroes from all generous of star wars. In the clip above you can see Rey fighting against Darth Maul. Still want a BATTLEFIELD 2143 or BATTLEFIELD 2242, what ever they are going to call it.
  10. In case anyone missed it, looking good!
  11. Nope. Just ban him. (Humor).
  12. Id try to show some humor.. IF Draino comes around, and is on the winning team at the end of the round? Tell him sorry, but we need to balance teams. (I doubt ya have to resort to banning)
  13. The best thing to do with Draino, is give him the ban hammer. That way he won't give you any more grief. He was probably having a bad day with some lag or something.
  14. I agree that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. I'm sure he has a very different account about what transpired. Draino is in our clan although he hasn't been on the forums nor have I gamed with him for at least a year so this is the first I've heard. I'll try to reach out to him. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Today your clan member Drain0 came into our sever and immediately began being extremely disrespectful and immature, with name-calling ans TKing when he didn't get his way. I have never heard of or played against your clan before, but I certainly hope that this individual isn't indicative of what your clan stands for. I am sure if I had come into a server that you folks payed for and began cussing at you and TKing you I would be banned for it.
  16. Good to hear! Why ya stop playing PS2? Did ya know they have OS now? (You aint seen Victory, until ya witnessed a TR zerg)
  17. Hi! I host a server and saw a bunch of W]M[D peeps on there for many months now. They seem like a nice bunch of chaps so I thought I'd say hi. I miss Planetside 2.
  18. Update: Coms are installed, and working! However (Code stuff) 2. New recruits must follow the Code of Conduct at all times. They should also add clan leaders and other members to their friends list, stay active in game, on teamspeak, and on the website. TeamSpeak activity is of particular importance. A list of leaders can be found here. 3. Recruits’ activity on the website, in-game, and on TeamSpeak will be scrutinized. Inactivity will lead to the recruit receiving a note of concern about the inactivity. If there is no response and the inactivity continues the recruitment period will end and the candidate will be discharged. Friends list (Steam) TeamSpeak (Mumble)
  19. I'm interested in PUBG (playing as a squad), but only when it's a bit more polished. It's probably #1 on my list to check out during the summer sale. Also, I want BadCompany 3. Overwatch is still fun, I'll play that more once I'm less busy with some current projects.
  20. I unfortunately always have little hopes for a Star Wars game. There's too much hype and expectations to live up to let alone HUGE balance issues with jedi if they get thrown into the game. And let's be real. How many people want to play a Star Wars game as a pleb stormtrooper or something with a small blaster only at their side? IF it's done right, a Starwars FPS could be incredibly awesome with massive laser wars. Expectations are just too high though...... I am also patiently waiting for PUBG to be optimized and 1st person mode only to be put in. I have a strong feeling that game is going to take up most of my time when it does for the near future. And then I might be taking a peak at Destiny 2 later this year when that gets released.
  21. What's everyone's thoughts on the new Battlefront game coming out? It looks interesting,but I didn't really enjoy the beta weekend of the first Battlefront from a year or two ago...still, it could be fun to play through some of these battles and this time there's a singleplayer campaign. Thoughts?
  22. Hey K Thats on me.. Now, I did ask another member to provide the connection info off the top of their head (my bad) I dont really have any excuses I can tell ya that I dont want to mislead/misguide so ya guys dont see the real McCoy (Hydros) ie. I could say "Hey Hydro, I made a post about that game (New Horizons) Can ya check it out, and comment." But, Id rather ya guys know the man only games so many hrs (two) a day. Odds are he wont be a Forum warrior. I will try to fix the coms issue A.S.A.P..
  23. Honestly, you better hop into the other games or channels. None of those guys are very "credible" especially Pill. In fact if you get along with Pill and think he's ok we might just have to terminate the recruitment now. On a serious note, don't be bashful to just drop in and say hi to other people in other channels. We are a community that encompass many games and other people would be more than willing to talk to you. You just have to poke them a lil bit.
  24. Happy belated birthday Frosty!!!
  25. LOL, Someone got old quick. Happy Birthday:)
  26. Happy Birthday Frost..Make it a great day
  27. Hey Hydros, thanks for the app. Zipp gave me the heads-up, so we'll go ahead and accept you as a recruit. Hop in Mumble when you're able to so we can get to know you (Zip can get you the info). We'll let things ride for awhile to give people a chance to get to know you, and to see how well you fit with us. Be sure to connect in some way with the other guys who play planetside (add on steam, or however). There's still a few who play regularly (Powerglove, Dr., Madawg, Zip, maybe a couple more). And check out the other games that we play frequently, whether 7 Days to Die, Overwatch, sometimes TF2, etc. If any of those are games that interest you, it'd be a good way to meet more of us. Once we feel that you've gotten a chance to meet enough people, we'll put your application up for a vote for full membership. If you have any questions, feel free to add me on Steam or Battlenet (I don't play PS2, so I won't see you there).
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