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  3. Hello folks, If there's anyone around looking for a new (free!) FPS to play, I'd highly suggest you take a look at the new CoD Battle Royale game, Warzone. Soulcrusher and I have been playing it a lot over the past two weeks and its a ton of fun. If anyone has any questions about the game, I'd be happy to answer them as Soul and I are looking for some more folks to play with. Tristan
  4. Nexus, yep on my second play through. I like it!
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  6. I've been playing this a bit more again lately. pretty rusty though. not the same without my old mouse either. anyone else?
  7. I saw this finally came out on Steam. I had it a while back through the Epic store as a free game from some hardware upgrades. Anyone else have this?
  8. DeadMeat

    7 DTD Server

    For all interested parties, we have updated the server to the latest stable alpha 18.4 Build, and restarted with a new random Gen Map today 3/8/2020. The Server IP is server name is wmdgaming Check in the members only section for the PW
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    I just saw this (News to me anyway)
  10. Ok, who is going to get Borderlands 3, I have my preorder ready to go!
  11. Hey! The upgrade is done! No more spambots I hope
  12. Well, I spoke too soon! I checked our paypal account, and in the past month or so we've had a generous donation from InfamousBob and Sumfriggin dude! Thanks guys! Your contributions should be way more than enough to keep us going for at least another year (maybe 2 if we can stretch it)! Next time you see these gentlemen around, give em a big thanks. Big hearts!
  13. Hi all, I know our forums haven't been super active of late, and so we've tried to keep the costs way down and go longer between updates. However, some of you may have noticed the dozens of spammers that have been joining the site almost every day. This is because our 1) Invision Forum software is now out of date, our License Renewal has expired (this includes spam defense), and 3) Google has retired Recaptcha1, and we can't subscribe to the new invisible Recaptcha until we upgrade the Invision software. Needless to say, this is a perfect storm! Soul and I have been trying to keep up, and I delete many spammers every day, but this isn't sustainable. I've asked Fernferret, Snpbond, and Raven to look into what we need to get everything going smoothly again for a year or two. So far, we need probably $60-75 in the WMD paypal account to cover the upgrades and licenses. So for those of us who still use these forums, if anyone wants to contribute a little so we can make this happen, please do so. Feel free to send me a PM here and let me know if you do. As always, you can send it via paypal to Thanks peeps!
  14. FYI
  15. Hey Crow Thanx for taking the time to fill out an app I'm going to try an keep this upbeat But it's like I said Recruitment may take a minute Not many active in many games ya know As I say there are a few playing 7 Days While I do believe Division is something you have that we also play As a whole we have been much more into Battlefield/Team Fortress 2 But I feel somewhat confident that this next COD MW may see some interest (Release date is like Oct 25th) Although I'd hold off on any such thing as pre-ordering (lulz) Hopefully you don't have anything against Steam because most if not all members can be found on there... (We're not as a whole always too quick to jump on coms) Basically seeing other members playing usually leads to coms ya know Speaking of coms I messaged the connection info! Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy meeting some of the members...
  16. Appreciate it thank you. Have as yet to catch up with Zip to get the info, but I will...Thanks again.
  17. Welcome! You've got some good referrals so feel free to jump into Mumble while you're gaming if you haven't yet. I think Zip hooked you up with the Mumble info. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on here or through a private message.
  18. [Part 1 - Biographic Info]In-game name: Crow626 Real Name (optional): MorganSex: MalelDate of Birth: 19820417Location (city/state): Saint Peters, MoE-mail Address: forsaken.crowx82@gmail.comSteam ID# (optional) (type "status" in console to see this. example: 0:0:16630461): Steam Community Page (optional):Xfire ID (optional):What other games besides Ps2 do you play? Division 2, SCUM, Monster Hunter World, Anthem, Ghost Recon WildlandsHave you read and agree to abide by W]M[D's Code of Conduct (Y/N): Yes[Part 2 - Planetside 2 specific]How long have you been playing ? Played heavily in Planetside 1. Now playing whenever possible with Planetside 2 after a 2yr break from it.List your best class: Engineer/Combat Medic/MAXWhat are your usual playtimes? 1700 - 2230 Central USDo you have a working microphone and voicechat capabilities? YesWill you be joining our TeamSpeak server on a regular basis and making an effort to get to know the W]M[D community? Yes[Part 3 - Detailed Questionnaire]Who referred you? How did you find out about us? Zipperbag MaDawgDo you play on our public servers regularly? If so, which one(s)? NoWhy did you choose to apply to W]M[D, Planetside 2 outfit WMDG? Met some pretty good guys worth playing with.What can you offer our clan? What qualities will make you a valuable member of our community? Different outlook with a positive attitude and determination. Obsolutely can't stand drama and the elitist attitude, usually try to avoid it.Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself. Such as what kind of work you do, what school you go to, your interests, or how you spend your free time (besides gaming): Spending time with my kids and prior military service.
  19. I think it's a worthwhile career, and there should be job opportunities for it. It's definitely a necessary thing to have (coming from the perspective of a software engineer) to ensure that products present a unified and cohesive interface. That being said, it'll be a lot of more boring/tedious work I'm sure. Like any career. Anybody you can shadow/interview/observe to see if it's what you're looking to do?
  20. cough cough If you're still doing the unRAID thing let me know. I know Bond and Fern at least dabble in fun stuff as well...
  21. anyone played Prey? it looked half decent and is on sale atm
  22. My computer found a trojan within the downloaded far cry files shared above....scrap that idea I guess
  23. is anyone still doing this? I can probably try it sometime soon
  24. I've been playing it during the free weekend and I'll probably buy it during the sale because I like this sort of thing. Its a slower more realistic type of shooter, and I feel that the main fun comes from the COOP modes and the 'zombie' game mode. Weapon handling and customization is very realistic, so if you're a gun nerd like me you'd like it.
  25. Jack Frags has some video on it So I'd venture to say it's pretty good Sounds like from this video it is FTP this W/E Personally I can't really tell if it reminds me more of BF3 and/or MOH I'd probably be willing to install it if there's any chance you were to join us for some 7DTD Anyway here is Jacks video which touches on the games "roadmap"
  26. I noticed this game on Steam. Anybody tried it? Got lots of FPS awards.
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