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    BF2142 Revival

    BF2142 is still the best BF game, I might just have to join in!
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    BF2142 Revival

    I'm in...I really enjoyed 2142
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    Not interested in VR and I was seriously thinking of the 1070 but thought to mention the 1080 in case I missed something big. The 1070 seems to be a great card for the price. I'd read the 1080 TI would be coming out in January, but i'm not really interested in dropping 1,000 for that card. I do game, but i'm no Tiger. LOL Lots of 1070 options. Had looked at ASUS because the clock speed was so much faster. http://thepcenthusiast.com/geforce-gtx-1070-compared-asus-evga-zotac-msi-gigabyte/