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    Lets do Something Fun

    I vote for a public-arena night in the boneyard, maybe tonight whynot?
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    Selling TF2 Items

    I'll probably do a more thorough write-up at some point in the future when I get the motivation. But let me start with this brief piece of advice, in case people are planning on buying/selling things soon using Paypal. 1) Get an account on http://forums.sourceop.com. This is THE place for buying/selling TF2 items. If you don't have reputation built up for your account on this site, you're not going to be able to do much. So before you do anything, start an account here, and make your key purchases here. (Never buy ANYTHING from the Valve TF2 store). 2) People will begin to trust you once your sourceop account is 3+ months old (the usual cut off time for Paypal chargebacks), and when you have at least 1 full page of rep. So if you want to get into actual trading, start your account now, and in about 3 months you'll actually be able to do stuff. 3) When people leave you rep anyplace other than on sourceop, it counts for nothing. Steam profile rep counts for less than nothing. 4) Buy small amounts of keys from sellers on sourceop, and make sure they leave you positive rep after each one. Don't buy lots of keys from one guy, buy smaller quantities from lots of sellers. This will help you get at least one page of feedback more quickly. You may have to pay $.10-.15 more per key if you have little to no rep. That's just the way it goes, don't complain to them about it. Sellers don't have to sell to you at all, and they are taking a big risk selling to people with no rep. Most of us sellers will still sell to newbies once in awhile, but only because we ourselves were there once. But we're always scared to do it. 5) Its much riskier to sell in this game than it is to buy (which surprises some people). Sellers have to deal with the constant threats of paypal chargebacks, which is a super easy scam to pull (Paypal almost always sides with the buyer). I'm very cautious and do my homework before either buying or selling to people, but I'm extra cautious when selling. (And even with all my precautions, I have been scammed out of $20 on a paypal chargeback, by someone who already had quite a bit of positive sourceop rep established). 6) Here's how you do your homework before buying or selling: a) you will ask the person for their sourceop feedback thread. They will always send you the link to read their thread. To be safe, know in advance that 15-20% of the people that are sending you their feedback threads are in fact scammers. Read that last line again. The most popular scam is for a scammer to change their steam account to look identical to a reputable seller's account, and then try to use their feedback thread. There's an easy way to check, but you can't get lazy. You always have to do 2 things to check. First, you look very carefully at the hyperlink that they send you. You make sure its going to the correct site. Scammers have designed a website that looks EXACTLY like sourceop.com, down to the last detail. But usually the hyperlink has one letter misspelled (e.g. soucreop.com). You can't get lazy, you must carefully doublecheck the hyperlink. Second, if the link is legit, you must click on the Steam ID that is listed in the feedback thread to bring up their steam profile, and make sure that this steam profile is an exact match to the person you are chatting with. Make sure that that specific Steam profile is on your friend's list. If not, its a scammer with a fake account. Red flags to watch out for: when you look at the steam profile of the person you are trading with, if it is listed as private, do not under any circumstances trade with them. No matter how good of a trade it is. If its private, get away quick. Another red flag is if the account is fairly new, or has no other games on it besides TF2. These are usually accounts that are quickly set up for quick use by scammers. If the account is 4+ years old with 100 games, then its almost for sure not a scammer (though even some of these people end up being jerks who decide to chargeback on paypal). c) Steamrep.com is THE place to doublecheck steam accounts to see who has been flagged by the community as a scammer. If you have any doubts whatsoever, take a minute to doublecheck their Steam ID on steamrep.com. This has saved me once or twice in the past. d) Honest traders know all the information I've listed above, and so honest traders NEVER try to do trades in a hurry. Take your time with each money trade, and do your homework first. They will be double checking you while you are double checking them. If there is even a whisper from them that they need to do this quick (because they have to run to work or whatever), its 99% likely that it is a scammer. Real traders will always give you as much time as you need, because almost all of us have been burned at least once, and we like to take our time as well.
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    Frumpsie TF2 Application

    How you doin Bonnie? I haven't seen you on Teamspeak in awhile. We can always keep Ajax in a separate channel if that would make things easier.
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    Lord Raven

    Gamers really are better

    1. Sometimes I will see a back alley where there is a dumpster and some boxes and will try to figure out how to stack the boxes to traverse the wall. 2. Last time I was in a car accident (2008) everything was in slow motion, and seemed like the appropriate time to mash the brakes during a quick time event. 3. Sometimes in real life social situations I wish I could choose the most awful line of dialogue to say to see the reaction, reload my save and then say the right thing.
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    New boneyard map vote

    Since nobody said no custom maps on the vote I've added 4 of them to start: pl_borneo_v3 cp_croissant_rc6 pl_swiftwater_ugc cp_castle4
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    Tips and Tricks (or Beginner's Guide take 2!)

    1.) Play every role. Take turns throughout the team on who is going to play what. Even if you don't feel like you fit the role at least you'll get a sense of what each role does, what's it's strength are and what it's weaknesses are. 2.) Play the objective. Most of us in TF2 are so use to being able to not play the objective and spawn suppress or other shenanigans. In Overwatch the team that stays relatively closer together and on the objective or at a choke point is most likely going to win. 3.) Numbers matter. There's only 6 of you. Each person's role on the team is important. And support matters the most. Push when you have numbers and get together and coordinate when you're even or down in numbers. 4.) Focus fire on targets especially support targets.
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    The "Fair" TF2 class loadouts and guide

    No matter what server you play on, at sometime someone is going to complain about a class and loadout someone else is playing. Mostly it's just hat jealously. But even myself will rant about a huntsman sniper from time to time. It's been in my thoughts for a little while now on what possible class combinations and loadouts could one possibly use that would not upset a single player in any circumstance. - Scout - Even though this is probably the most tolerated class and gets the less complaints against it but you can now only play this class on offense. The scout also can no longer take teleprompters or pickup med kits. And if you don't touch or cap a control point or intel within 30 seconds your disconnected from the server for being idle. - Soldier - The base class in the game. The average Joe. No one has any complaints against this class right? *cough* Ok so right off we make the escape plan the default melee weapon and a global effect on the soldier so he can no longer be a medic target. Direct Hit is the only rocket launcher available, and the buff banner is now jammed full of cupcakes that you can hand out to nearby enemy players to give them health. - Demoman - Why can't we all just love the colorful drunken scotsman. It's hard to tweek this one around so that everyone is happy with the "skill" of the class. We'd basically have to strip all existing weapons and give him a golden retriever to walk around the map with that would sniff out spies or something while he swung around his bottle of single malt whiskey. Either that or he could just throw cans of spam at people. Either way in the game itself you can probably only use the Loch N Load and Splendid Screen, but I'm sure people would still hate you. - Heavy - Who wants sandvich? Your medic buddy does. In fact everyone does. That's why we are making the mini gun dispense sandviches. That's right heavy weapons guy you are now a heavy vending machine to stand next to that engy dispenser where you belong. - Engineer - Hey there little buddy. Probably the most popularly played class because " If I had a hammer (or a wrench in this case) I'd hammer all over this land." Yet because of this it is the most critically remarked against class. So to make everyone happy your dispenser and teleprompters are the only things on your construction PDA. The enemy team just hates running into your sentries anyways. - Pyro - Mmmphra Mur Mra Murpha Mo. Mmma Mrpmph Mruam Mphmmm Mrreeep Mro Mmm Mmm Mmm. Mru Mruphmm Mroffurm Frost's Mum, Mrumph Mrumph Mrumph. You're now tethered to the engy's dispenser to spy check. - Medic - The newest cosmetic hat in the game! That's right folks the medic is now just a cosmetic class to follow everyone else around with. Your mediguns will have a variety of different beams you can choose from to blast your teammates with to no effect. Relax though as you will now gain twice the health from medkit pickups and you can never die so your heavy buddy will never feel alone as he flings sandviches across the map for everyone. - Sniper - One shot one kill is the only way to display your skill. Sniper rifles now can only register headshots, all body shots heal the target to full health. You can also only fire the guns while scoped in at full charge. Sniper rifles also will have a max effective range of 20 feet so that you are not hiding in the back of spawn. - Spy - Last but not least the engy's counter part. All spies will get a free unusual hat that they are forced to wear that blinks from an arrow pointing at them, to saying Spy. Sappers are now cardboard signs that say "I was here." Back stabs are now face stabs and face stabs are now back stabs. And revolvers now have those nifty "Bang" flags that pop out of them when fired. After all you're a distinguished gentleman and guns just aren't civilized. If you try your best to follow these simple guides and try to obtain a load out that full fills each class' new function mentioned above, no one will ever have anything bad to say about your TF2 playing. And remember unless you do have an unusual hat your doing it all wrong anyways.
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    Terrible Administrators in BF4

    Correction. Every thread about every topic tends to end in a wmd trashtalking event.
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    Terrible Administrators in BF4

    Gentlemen, I was on during the this incident last night and Mr. Elyon juvenile language was completely inappropriate. He was warned about his language and asked to refrain for using such language or get kicked from the server. Mr. Elyon chose to ignore the requested from the admin an was then kicked from the server. After Mr. Elyon was removed the admin then witnessed the player in questioned spawn killing players from the opposing team as they spawned in the helicopters. Our admin warned the player to stop spawn killing the opposing team, he also chose to ignore the request from the admin and was also removed. I my opinion our clan does not need to apologizes or explain our actions in regards to Mr. Elyon, His inability to protest the actions of another player without the use of profanity every other word should be enough for anyone to recognize that he is not the type of player we would want on our server. Plus, he's to stupid to figure out that maybe he should spawn at another location and go take care of the camper.
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    Umby Outage

    That is a VERY high temp. Under max load you don't want to go over about 80C. You are getting almost 100C at idle! That's right at the point the processor will tell the mobo to shutdown. I doubt it's a bad thermal sensor because they are built into each core of your processor. They aren't always spot on accurate, but give you a good approximate temp. The case fan is not the problem, it only effects the ambient temp in the case (you should see a separate motherboard thermal sensor reading that shows you this). The next step is to reseat the cpu fan. You need to clean off any old thermal compound from the processor / heatsink and reapply new thermal compound (be careful not to use too much). There are instructions on the googles for doing this. While you are in there, make sure none of the mounting hardware is damaged or loose. Once it is mounted firmly in place, power on and check temps again.
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    how cool are these?

    I got a gift today, and its one of the coolest things I've ever gotten. Nostalgic awesomeness. Thanks Deadly Lethe!! http://min.us/lbvIoCYDfaDlkP
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    Old Shareware and DOS Games

    Sim tower > Sim ant
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    New boneyard map vote

    koth_railbridge There's a bridge and a train. That should be enough to get this map on the server. It won 2nd place in last year's koth map contest on tf2maps.net DO IT!
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    Anyone interested in 6v6?

    Can I use the beggar's bazooka No, of course not. Fine I didn't want to play anyway. And I'm sure y'all didn't want me either.
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    sherlock bones

    Seathing's app

    she knows. he talks to my wife in the same manner... at work. his charm is irrepressible.
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    Selling TF2 Items

    Sign me up! I have quite a modest backpack at the moment and I want to take my TF2 inventory to the next level. How do I start trading at higher tiers? Do I need to dump some ca$h into the game (buying metal, keys, buds)? What is Step One? Teach me, Frost. Treat me like a sponge. -Cheez
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    I Am Elena

    No one else email her, I call dibbs. Thanks.
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    73 inches of WMD!

    This topic is more SFW than expected.
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    Aim Training Tools

    I happened across a video where these were suggested to help improve reaction, twitch, and accuracy. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/shoot This one helps with your tracking and accuracy with some twitch. After your first shot the target will move randomly on the screen. Your goal is to put as many shots on it in the amount of time and at the end it will tally your score and average position of aim. http://www.aimbooster.com/ This one is really good. Covers all good areas to help someone improve their hit percentage.
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    Sean O is back in Merica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is new with the clan? What is everyone playing now? I see the GTX 1080 is out. I guess it is time to upgrade my GTX 580, LOL. I just have to wait for the prices to come back down. See you guys in the servers.
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    Dr Strangechicken

    Happy Birthday Frost

    happy belated. oh and:
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    Gage Application

    Hey man age is just a number, I'm actually immortal and have been alive for hundreds of years. I just have to lie about my age so I don't get caught by the government. But don't tell anyone.
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    Bond's Birthday Bonanza

    Aww yay!! You're all so kind! I'm really waiting for that cake to arrive in the mail!
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    Largest TF2 sale so far

    thats a years tuition for me after scholarships, jfc
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    http://sherlockbonesy.tumblr.com/post/87468454993/wmd-party-drunk-nerds-for-the-win-disclaimer we were asked to put a couple pics up from the IRL hangout saturday and i am too lazy to put the pictures up in this space (they were too large i guess) so i just linked to the few i had. the other participants should tack theirs on as comments. there were many beers, tacos and good times had by all. (the more the merrier next time as well)
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    Thank you to everyone who has kept WMD afloat for these past few months. Each time a server payment comes due, our generous members rise to meet the challenge. Many of the ones donating are ones who donate consistently and almost every single month. We salute you. And we are grateful.
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    Happy Birthday MSM!

    That's Mithbuster-Seathing-Madawgkiller if you hadn't deduced that already. Obligatory Cucumberbatch Insertion:
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    To all of my clanmates suffering the polar vortex, be comforted by the fact that those of us in the Southeast are about to share in your pain. Current temperature outside is a balmy 68 degrees F (20 degrees Celsius for you extreme northerners). Temperature drops to 25 degrees F overnight (-4 degrees C). And to add to the enjoyment, they are forecasting 8-12 inches of snow in an 18 hour period tomorrow. This should be really interesting considering there are a grand total of TEN snowplows in the entire county! Anyone have a sled dog team they would loan me for a couple of days?
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    Fern's Java TF2 Bot(s)

    All, For those of you who are unaware, I'll be back the 30th and I've talked to several of you about the future of my bot kingdom. For now, let me introduce the super shady looking bot page: http://mine.fernferret.com/bot/ Please give it a try, all bots will take anything you'll give them and we have 2 uses right now: Dave - Crate dump. If you want crates, let me know and I'll have Dave hook you up. Also, feel free to dump crates here. Fred - Weapon Swap. Want a weapon? Get it here! I don't have the swap logic done, but I know a lot of you craft away your last X. Now you can get one for matches etc. Currently if you have any weapons to spare, please give some to this bot, and in turn, I'll be looking at the list of donations and doing something for those who donate. Source code: If you're a developer, as soon as I get my steam password/API key scrubbed from the repo, I'll send out some private invites to those of you who want to have a gander at the code, it's still incomplete in many ways. I'll be completely open sourcing it in a while, once I'm happy with performance etc. Also when I get back, I have a feeling frost is gonna make me play this BF4 thing I got, so yea testing time may be limited for the bot for a while. I bet he isn't even reading this... --FF PS: If anyone has any of the holiday crates, I'd love to get a few of those seeing as I'm still unable to play TF2 till the 30th or so. If you have some you'd like to hook me up with, just give them to one of the bots.
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    Terrible Administrators in BF4

    Good looking out Flip. Same thing I would have done. (Except somehow I would have made it look even cooler as I did it).
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    I'm absolutely loving this game so far, even with periodic issues. (Mainly I don't have any issues).
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    Dog Tags

    What do we get if our emblem is voted on? Frost's paypal account? Dinner with his mom? What?
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    Well Happy Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a wonderful day and all your dreams come true.
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    Fallon, MIA for awhile longer

    Back is doing better, not great, but better. I haven't had a "day off" in a bout 2 months. Almost done fencing in 2 acres for the dog. Most of the other bigger urgent projects are done. As the weather starts getting colder & nastier I'll probably try and logon for some TF2 here in not too long. Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk 4
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    wow, cheez, just wow. Note to self: Don't ever be alone with Cheeze-It. He can sing with a group, but don't get him alone.
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    New Guidelines Coming Soon

    In the next week or so we'll be switching to some new guidelines and process for our recruitment. This change will hopefully speed up the recruitment time and allow our recruits and members to get to know each other better. What does this mean for our current recruits? They will become part of the first recruitment class under this new process along with Lady Hemlock. So stay tune for a more official looking thread that will cover in detail what this new process will be about.
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    Let the Event BEGIN

    Dear Hemlock, I <3 you for putting koth_rainbow in there. However, no one needs to be subjected to that. Arena, Saxton Hale... so much awesome.
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    Boneyard Maps

    Could we please get cp_labor, cp_stag, and cp_croissant added? Thank you.
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    GOG.com is a great place to go for a lot of those older games, especially if they're hard to get running right in DOSbox or something. I had been trying for years to relive the glory days of Magic Carpet unsuccessfully (I'm probably just bad at configuring DOSbox for new hardware), so I downloaded it from GOG and it just worked. All the games are also DRM-free and come as a .exe that you simply run and play. They also have a lot of sales where you can pick up games for $2.99 and cheaper.
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    Lord Raven

    My conspiracy theory

    I have to concur with this on some level. I have been thrown into the ceiling of the map by sentry guns recently where this was not possible before. Also, sometimes when I get a headshot from a sniper I am throw clear across the map. This is new to me too.
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    My conspiracy theory

    Can we devise a test for this that requires devouring vast quantities of Mountain Man BBQ Ribs?
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    Lets do Something Fun

    Umby, that was fun. Start planning the next one so that I don't have to.
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    Excellent....another Canadian, the plan is coming together!
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    Great article, incredible soldiers

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    Starting a new group called PAPETA

    ............I LOVE that group and I happen to be a proud member. Next month I'll have to repay my dues by the countless hours spend on stand waiting for the slightest opportunity to blast a deer while it comes happy-go-lucky through the woods... Wait a sec........WRONG GROUP!!!!! MY BAD!!!! I was referrring to my group......People Eating Tasty Animals....... TOTALLY different group........Apologies... :P :D
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    WMD TF2 Server, Captains, etc.

    WMD Tunnel to 2Fort WMD Heavy Fortress WMD Timbo Express
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    Everyone join me in welcoming the newest full member to WMD, Squeezetoy! Soko was the only one who gave a "no" vote, but we never count his votes anyways. We're very glad to have you here, although it kind of feels like you have been here for a long time already.