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  1. Happy birthday Mith! Glad to see you and dad are still packing some serious Awesome Sauce. How old are you now anyway? 25?
  2. Google's CADIE was pretty funny... I bet Panda got a kick out CADIE's homepage
  3. is hosting a Left 4 Dead Tournament following their relatively recent Team Fortress 2 Scouts Tournament a while back. I want in on this, and our Left 4 Dead supporters should get in on it too. The prizes aren't spectacular, but anything you can win for playing a video game is always a nice prize I always played expert campaign, and rarely played versus. So hopefully I can find 3 people that would be willing to get some practice in (versus) before Aprill 11th. I have no idea how I would find time to practice, but I think it would be really fun to compete. Ideally we should form 2 versus teams and pit them against eachother. These 8 players (2 teams of 4) would then sign up at EVGA and compete in the tournament against eachother. Looking forward to hearing from you guys, thanks again!
  4. Starcraft Demo Starcraft Original Starcraft Brood War Starcraft Battle Chest Starcraft 2 ... i know right?
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GMAN!!!! Enjoy your special day... wishing you many more to come!! :happybday:
  6. Dude ... where'd you get that signature?
  7. that wasn't me ... that was REB... and i think it was a "competitive good looks" contest.
  8. I'm here snipe, Work is 40+ hours per week while taking 5 courses that demand 30 hours per week EACH (I don't do the math on that anymore it's too depressing). With full-time work and full-time school it's very hard... I'm probably the worst person when it comes to time management, so now I can hardly find time to play. ...sux for the Stewster Maybe we can get a game or two of twenty-one forty-two (who types that?) on Friday... (if you're not too busy with your girlfriend) Until then ... this is Chopper 5 Out!
  9. I almost died laughing at 2 statements "... one of the lucky few who got to try the Mac Wheel... and spent 45 minutes typing an email to his friend" "Thank you for that Jeff. It remains to be seen if the wheel will catch on in the Business world where people use computers for actual work and not just dicking around" ROFL We've come full circle!
  10. I have to agree with you there Reb, and I'm NOWHERE NEAR as old as your are!!!! So I guess it's not the age. Must be another reason why I found none of that funny
  11. Dudders those are :staricon: S.S.S.S :staricon: (Some Seriously Sick Signatures) Put those in your portfolio cuz they're definitely art!
  12. Good work Yams.... Are you an aspiring 3D Graphics Designer? Because it sure looks like it
  13. Hey Frost... I owe you this one Hope you like it
  14. GRAAWRR!!! Happy Birthday El Tigre!