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  1. Thanks, Dead.......I have always wanted to see it, but have never made it up there. Awesome pics.
  2. no pics. Just a quite evening with the wife and dogs................and COLLEGE FOOTBALL, YEAH BABY!! YEAH!!!!!
  3. Yepper!!! 1-1-64, and a big 47 years young. Wife is out picking up birthday sushi, so yummy yummy. Thanks for the wishes and hope everyone has a blessed year.
  4. That's right, back in the day of Far Cry, when he was taking the garbage out.
  5. Hey bud Happy 30th to you!!:hides: Hope you are working on your slice and that you get a very full belly from your favorite restaurant. :cheersss::happybday:
  6. Carlos

    Well, well, well.

    Yo Killa !!!!!! Glad to see that you still have a pulse. Jump in the server, those mad skillzzz will be sharp in no time. I haven't been on lately........spring = honey due list....... a novel type list, I'm hoping to get back on here soon though. Good to hear from you bud and hope to see you around.
  7. :happybday::happy::happy::happy: hOpE yOu EnJoY yOuR dAy OlD mAn!!!!
  8. Happy birthday!!! Enjoy your day.:cheersss:
  9. Carlos


    Congrats to the both of you :clap:!! Always fun to get the nieces and nephews all wound up before they go home or to bed..........:tease:
  10. I just hit the enter key :widegrin:. Also want to give everyone who works behind the scene a BIG THANK YOU for everyything you do. We truly do have an amazing place to come and hang out!!!!!! :prasie:
  11. Carlos


    I have never used a HAMMER before......hacksaw..... maybe, and I still wake up sweating from that nightmare. Good to see you on here bud. Better shine up that ole saw :shoot: of yours, we have a good one coming in March! Peace
  12. Carlos


    I totally agree with the screen borders, but what I thought was interesting was that you could use the main screen for the fps, and the 2nd and 3rd for the peripheral vision. As you said though the cost for the monitors would be a killer. I'll have to read and see what type of monitors it takes. Don't know if you can use older ones for this or not.
  13. Carlos


    Has anyone checked this out yet. Thoughts.......pros/cons. Here is a couple video links. Peace,
  14. Thanks guys............boy I wish I was 26 again :punk:. The Draino comment...I will not be partaking in. You've talked to him before, he likes that stuff, Ouch, stop hitting me with the noddle, more pleassssse!! :hides: Happy Birthday Frog, and your story was SSSSoooo funny!
  15. Where has ye gone Sir Grump a lot!!! :tease: lol We need some words of " cough " wisdom. I enjoy those reads buddy, so put down the turkey leg that you have been gnawing on since Christmas, and give up the goods bro. Peace