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  1. So, I was deleting old accounts from my password book the other day, and I came across my old XFire account info. Some of you old timers might remember XFire, or not....It was an early game chat app that allowed us to find each other in game and talk strategy with a group of fellow gamers. It was awesome! Anyway, I found this post that explained the history of XFire and I thought it interesting enough to share. Hope you Enjoy! https://builtin.com/founders-entrepreneurship/xfire-oral-history
  2. Nexus, I both "Love" and "Hate" your new sig.......
  3. I thought it was pretty well done, or at least, it was better than I thought it would be :^)
  4. RadPack


    Hey there Raser! It has been a while! Nice of you to visit the forums. I think they should secretly rename Far Cry to something else and release it on Steam claiming it to be some new Indy game. Would probably be a big hit Hope all is well with you and yours, Rad
  5. Nah, don't worry, in the next 9 months NavSpec will still be trying to reach level 100 on BF3... Good luck to you Sean! By all means keep us posted.
  6. Actually Madawg, I don't think they have implimented the lattice system on Esamir and Amerish yet. There still may be hope. There is a bug in the game where if you are on Indar and look at the map for Esamir and Amerish, you will see the lattice network on the map, but if you actually transport to either of those continents, the lattice does not actually appear. This has been the case for some time now, so it is likely that the lattice system for Esamir and Amerish are ready to impliment, but so far they have not actually done so. Time will tell, but it is not a done deal yet.
  7. RadPack

    Umby Outage

    LOL, We all posted basically the same thing within like 5 minutes of each other. Hemi seems to have won this round. As for possible CPU overheating, the heatsink mounting sockets on many of the recent processors are pretty cheezy (sorry Cheez-it). The slightest pressure can cause them to snap out of the motherboard and therefore prevent solid contact with the processor. Not sure what yours looks like Umby, but at least grab the heatsink and make sure that it does not move.
  8. RadPack

    Umby Outage

    Just a guess, but 2-5 minutes is about the amount of time it would take the CPU to overheat and shut down the computer if there was no cooling on the processor. Re-install heatsink (check thermal paste) and make sure the fan is spinning. The hard drive is the most vulnerable to rough handling. Does not take much jostling to damage one, unless it is a newer solid state drive, which can take quite a beating.. Other than that, you should remove and re-install all RAM and any cards plugged into your motherboard. They may not be seated properly.
  9. And Summerer is just around the corner.
  10. Double XP (Long) Weekend, runs this Friday 5/24/13 through Monday 5/27/13. Double XP will start at midnight tonight PST and will end at midnight PST Monday night. https://twitter.com/Arclegger/status/337676685740765184
  11. RadPack


    I actually bought and played this game several years ago, and fully leveled a Warrior character in the game. The game is beautiful. Graphics are impressive. Game play is pretty good. Lots to do. What ultimately killed the game for me was the people. Yes, there are a few nice folks playing the game, but there are also a lot of jerks. I must admit that I was a MMORPG noob, and the Rift community, largely consisting of bored World of Warcraft players, is not very tolerant of noobs. You can solo the game for a while, but there are aspects of the game that require group play. Eventually you will need to join up with a group of players who have formed a Guild. The game is going Free to Play because it is dying. They are hoping to extend the life of the game by attracting new players. I think the game is worth a try, at least for the amount of time it takes to level one character. Beyond that, you would need to fall in with a decent Guild in order to continue to enjoy the game for any length of time. Your mileage may vary. I don't know that I would ever play this game again myself, but if you have ever wanted to experience a pretty decent MMORPG, you should try Rift. Good luck with the jerks!
  12. Count Down of the Top 10 Reasons why El Tigre Should Play Planetside 2 10. We miss him 9. There are lots and lots of bad guys to kill 8. You can have 12 people in a Planetside 2 squad, and some of them might actually attack the same objective 7. Hispanics look really great in Spandex 6. Free beer 5. You can be pwned by girls 4. You can pwn girls 3. You can wear tiger stripe camouflage and a skeleton mask 2. C4, lots of C4 and the number one reason why Tiger should play PlanetSide 2.......................... 1. Draino does not play the game :^) C'mon Tiger, we need you man!
  13. You can by 5,000 and 10,000 Station Cash this weekend for slightly less than half price. https://www.wizardrythegame.com/shop.vm
  14. And they used to say that it was your eyes that would go bad......
  15. Can we devise a test for this that requires devouring vast quantities of Mountain Man BBQ Ribs?