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  1. DeadMeat

    7 DTD Server

    For all interested parties, we have updated the server to the latest stable alpha 18.4 Build, and restarted with a new random Gen Map today 3/8/2020. The Server IP is server name is wmdgaming Check in the members only section for the PW
  2. Thanks for the well wishes. I have been working on getting my walker outfitted with wireless controllers so I'll still be able to game with you guys.
  3. cough..cough..DRAINO..cough..cough you noobs
  4. Happy birthday, I know I am a little late to the party, but I was struck speechless when I heard about the really really really disturbing gift that Frost got you .
  5. Happy birthday, may you enjoy at least one cold one in a frosty mug
  6. If you look at your profile, it tells you when you joined on the top of the page
  7. Nice to see you Doc. I am still kicking here in the East. I seem to remember that Mika always followed me around as a medic. We had a great system in place: I step around a corner, die, she then steps around the corner after me, kills 4 people and revives me, we go to the next corner and repeat. I still have one of the highest death:kill ratios you are ever going to see.
  8. Just consider the source. Anything that consists of bacteria and indigestible food products mixed with a liberal dose of effluent cleared from the body, usually accompanied by some 98.6 degree foul odor tends to be an irritant to most people. The good news is that once it has been passed, you have wiped yourself clean of the stain it may have left, and flushed all that away, everyone usually feels much better.
  9. Stay safe my friend. We'll be here when you get back.
  10. Thanks for the wishes guys. Work has been kicking my tail for the past 8 months, but maybe I can get back on for some gaming soon.
  11. Frost, you are confusing me, I thought I was the only one that was dead to you? Now if Flip is also dead to you, and we both end up in the same channel as you in a game, how will we know who you are talking too?
  12. Jakal, As others have mentioned this is a different clan. I used to be in the other ^WMD^ before coming to this home almost 10 years ago. The address for the other group is if they are still even active.
  13. I am lurking around the forums, and popped in to a game for an hour a few nights ago. Other than that, reality has been eating up every last free minute of my time, and what little I am able to squirrel away for myself, I have spent with my family. Hopefully I will have some time after the first of the year. All that being said, it is nice to be missed though.
  14. Hey Some, Just tried to follow the link in your post, and it says the server at that link is offline. Did the item have anything to do with the other WMD clan that I left years ago to join up with this group? If so, I find it interesting that when I tried to go to their old web address, it says the address has been suspended. Makes me wonder if that clan has finally folded.