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  1. Hay Hay Sirks ...I hope its good ...wouldnt that be great to have a bunch of old farcry peeps playing together again (hehe)
  2. Radpack got me started on Starcraft 2, not very good at it.. I will try playing with you guys when I can, but Im terrible at it. ;o)
  3. I got TF2 updated, but I'm sure afraid to see how much it has changed. I probably will be as bad at it as I have trying to play StarCraft again. I really played like a newbie... hope someone has the patience of a saint cause Im gonna need to start all over. I'll try to catch a game later tonight... Good to hear you guys are all still around and doing okay.
  4. I don't likely see FC1 being reinstalled by enough to play. I will still check the forums, and if TF2 is still around play it once in a while. Guess I'm just not hard core gaming material.:sad:
  5. Yea, can't wait for ours, WE will be in Vegas. I won't care if I eat Turkey or not, I'll take a sandwich and the video poker machine "PLEASE" bring it on over.
  6. NO... O GOD NO Sniperman was ? ? 13 or 14 when he started playing FC .. . . I THINK, DukiesDaughter about 11 or 12... no relation, but a lot of typing war between them ... in a good way. They may not think that ... but I believe they were always trying to kill each other in game so, well, you know opposite gender competion.
  7. How are you doing. You said you were in an accident (bad). Im very sorry, but glad you're doing much better and came to say hi. You gonna play FC2? To Banana/Puppy ... she played FC and was one little stinker. AND, she kept sniperman in line (SOMETIMES ) haha.
  8. [ 13 pretty good for as many peps that are ranked
  9. Proof, Turtle is willing to play other maps with the WMD family... THANKS for Dustbowl to begin with to get me acclimated into the other map HAHA
  10. I needed a laugh, and got it! WMDers=)) THANKS!
  11. Turtle


    Alcohol cooks out ... unless your alergic why not!!!!