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  1. EA 'sought to acquire Valve for $1 billion' Article Here:
  2. PANCAKES........................U Dang Tree Huggin Yanks!
  3. ..........................unlesss it's sum GooD ol'Fashioned Stewed Squirel Brains, then I turn it Face Down as to not to have to stae into it's eyes while I eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that image is gonna stick with Ya!
  4. If I kAn'T sp3Ll 1t, I dont eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PANCAKES U DUMMIIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. .....................................LooooooooL, Frost Said POLL.
  6. I thought your old wrinkled butt was too old to play games anymore!!!! ha ha ha.

  7. Well, Overdue for several Years, I have finally made the move and built myself a new PC........ CPU: Intel i5 3570k RAM; Corsair 8gb Grafix: XFX/ATI 6770 HDrive: Sata 500gb Pwr.Supply: Thermaltake 750w Motherboard: Gigabyte Case: Ultra Defender No it aint the Speediest out there, But for my budget it fits well. Im sure one day Soon I'll upgrade my Grafix, but for anow it seems to be doing quite well. Hoping to see ya soon in the maps, J0HNNY_R3B_ .
  8. Thanx People! Life has me Busy, mainly my Grandson, but I still drop by from time to time and I miss Fraggin with you all....Life is GooD, Im still SeXy as EveR and hopefully all is well for you as well..I'l drop in when I have sometime and catch up soon! W]M[D_JOHNNY_REB_
  9. Glad sumone has luck with 'em..........My account was stolen and I have had no luck gettin in contact with anyone!
  10. TIGER (from the old Days) Members from the old FarCry Days! SoKo... .......Due to ongoing life issues, I am unable to Frag as I once had, but I do still call this place home and Miss those days...GooD People, Good Fun and a GooD outlook for a Bright future for W]M[D.. W]M[D_JOHNNY_REB_
  11. Well, returned Home from Houston, and the report was Decent just not as I was hopin for.. Ive still some pretty nasty problems with my Liver and they are unable to do much with the Gaul Bladder in Fear of the Liver failing completely....Im on a life changing Diet and I guess for now I'll continue to eat Food that has a taste which resembles CardBoard......So No extreme activites, take the necessary medicines and they have scheduled my return in the end of January 2012....The main thing they are concerned with is treating the liver and making sure none of the problems worsen into Cancer... Im, Stayin positive and continuing to make the necessary changes as directed by the Doctors....I feel well and Honestly if it werent for the fact I knew I had those issues, I ouldnt know I ha a problem!(As long as I didnt become ill as I had approx. 2mnts ago......)..So hopefully I wil slowly get a Groove back an do some gaming in the future...Thanx for all the thoughts and Prayers, an Hope to see all soon! C Ya, JOHNNY_REB_ .
  12. Well, Just as I thought I could have no more Health issues, I prove myself wrong.....For the previous 6 weeks or so, I have been very ill and in/out of two seperate Hospitals.... I am anow in Houston at the Baylor clinic again for so me follow test and potential procedures to begin tomorow (Monday) afternoon....Long Story short, Ive a very sick Liver that is a candidate for a transplant as well as several other issues associated with connecting tissues...While the Liver is not Cancerous, I was fortunate enough for the Docs to discover these issues before the levels had time to progress to that extreme..... I was, Planning to do a major upgrade, but that and many other unnecessary projects are on indefinite Hold for anow..... I am on a Slow and Long road to recovery/Treatment but everyone knows that only Good people Die Young and Us Mean old Goats Live forever, so Fear not, I ill be back sooner or later! So have a Blast with the new BF3 an Yeas I am very Jealous! C Ya Later, JOHNNY_REB_ .
  13. U LoL'ed MIKA! Dont deny it........
  14. Thanx All, for the Well Wishes on my 45th B-Day, I really appreciate it and miss all of ya...........I'd answered sooner, but Ive been sick for almost two weeks and thankfully I think I am finally seeing a better side for a recovery......Again, Thanx and hope to see all soon.... JOHNNY_REB_ .