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  1. ok, since soko can't be there, who should we contact on match day to iron everything out. steamid or xfire would be great
  2. If you guys are in TWL, we can play whatever the weekly map is. Unless that map is cp_well still. eXc assured we will have nightmares about that map for weeks to come.
  3. Sunday night at 8:30pm EST if that's ok. I won't be there, but we should have plenty of guys on then. I got someone working on the TAW banner.
  4. I think it has something to do with the quality of my posts... or the quality of yours. Don't feel bad, though. Kill4fun has less than both of us.
  5. Hey guys, Been playing a bunch on your fast respawn server and I'm loving this game. Anyways, I thought maybe we could renew the TAW/WMD rivalry in TF2 as well. How does Sunday 11/18 at 8:30pm EST sound? Our server or yours will work. 7v7+. We just got worked over hard by eXc, so you will need to take it easy on us. Our pride is suffering. But seriously, we are relatively inexperienced so far, but I only know of one way to get better. Let me know if you are up for it.