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  1. Anyone tried this by chance? Found it on Reddit. Far Cry 1 Online multiplayer is back!!! Far Cry 1 Remember the days of the first far cry, the groundbreaking graphics and open world gameplay. Have you missed the multiplayer all together or just left because new games came out or because Ubisoft shut down the official support for multiplayer... Well, no need to daydream about it no more. A group of modders worked hard to bring back the days of Far Cry 1 multiplayer back. Fixing a lot of bugs that were left out by official patches, combining best features of different versions of the game( 1.4 or 1.33) to bring best possible experience for players. Also the all new feature that was not by default in Far Cry 1 is map downloader, which makes joining a games with custom maps easy, as maps will be downloaded automatically upon joining. There are already clan matches going on for a while if you are into it, also casual players playing FFA or TDM. Most popular mode is Assault. No need to make accounts go to Last Resistance 2: Download the launcher and launch it 😀 It will show up in cloud in right down corner of your monitor. For online just check LR2 in toolbar. So just launch the LR2 launcher and launch the game through it by clicking on LR2. Hope to see you online soon and lets have some fun. If you have any questions go to official LR2 page and use the shoutbox 😀 UPDATE; UBI login no longer needed. When prompted just press cancel.
  2. For over 6 years now, maybe longer, ive been without a system. This Christmas my son asked for a new gaming computer and I grinned from ear to ear! I told him he has to let me use it to play with old friends. (LONG OVERDUE) Im hoping to be on some this weekend. We are going to buy Overwatch, and Rising Storm 2 Vietnam tomorrow (Friday) I believe. Sure hope to catch some old friends on this weekend if work allows me the time off! If you see my boy on line (trendenburner is his steam name I believe) introduce yourself and add him to your friends list... If there is such a thing! On another note, I think im about ready to build MYSELF a new gaming rig. Im looking at the Ryzen 5 1600. I need to build the best budget gamer I can. I have no clue on the video card as I am so out of the loop. Get ready bitches! Soko's comin!
  3. The humidity here is horrible... You walk outside and just immediately start sweating....
  4. Oxide, how you been? It's been a while!!
  5. 45 minutes of gameplay!
  6. Send me the teamspeak info and I'll hop on one evening.
  7. That's awsome! The good ole days!
  8. Remember this?
  9. I was quite sexy if I do say so myself!!! My son has been asking me to build a computer for quite some time now... Truth is we just haven't had the extra cash. Medical bills about killed us. My wife broke her arm last Christmas, then my son had to have appendix removed.... Then two emergency room trips for a finger infection and an allergic reaction from a peanut... Lol. You can't make this up!!!!! But I'm telling ya, hopefully after Christmas! Battlefront really has my interest!!!
  10. Nope, Frost always sucked, and STILL sucks to this day!!! Lmao
  11. Just wanted to stop by and say hey! Sorry I've not been on in a few weeks, (ha ha) but been busy raising kids! I don't have a computer as of yet, but after Christmas I'm going to build one for my son and I! I know, that's a long time away, but I'll have some bills paid off by then! If someone will send me the teamspeak info, I'll hop on one evening and say hello!!!