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  1. lol @ pic that video kind of reminds me of "Kid gets his first N64" it's even worse:
  2. I'll be vacationing to Portugal and Spain this winter holiday for three weeks so you won't be seeing me around the FarCry channel on TS. But at least I miss a week of school :feelgood: So yeah, just letting you know just in case you think I disappeared :grinner:.
  3. Bourne

    The HPWHIC Thread

    Someone likes to play SSBB a little too much
  4. when referring to "wide" and then "thin" yupp
  5. i has not let this fail H20 :scream:
  6. ITT, (in this thread) we post the exact opposite picture from the last poster. example: a picture of a cat holding a gun.. the opposite would be a dog holding a knife =D so lets get this started... . GO GO GO
  7. hahah, i love water tubing. i had the worst experience after the third try though, loll.
  8. LOL. this is why I paid a professional to overclock my new graphics card.
  9. I was hoping they'd have a new interface/design =\
  10. Bourne

    CoD 5 Zombies

    i play it on the wii ^__^ level 8 lawl i had a streak of 15 at the most and i think my best score so far was 40 kills and 25 deaths.