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  1. 5-0 huh Frost? Happy Birthday and welcome to the 50's club
  2. TIGRE MY BROTHER!!!!! How are you my friend? What game do you want to play? You should try some PS2...You can now win the game least the planet.
  3. I'm still playing Planetside2 since Battlefield 2143 let us down. I played the Battlefield 1 beta but I didn't buy the game. If you guys get this rolling I'll pick it up and join you.
  4. The Star wars game doesn't look to bad but I have noticed the games don't always play like the trailers. I would still like to try it. I'm with you on the Battlefield 2143 or whatever they end up calling it. We've only been promised this game for 5+ years now.
  5. I agree that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. I'm sure he has a very different account about what transpired. Draino is in our clan although he hasn't been on the forums nor have I gamed with him for at least a year so this is the first I've heard. I'll try to reach out to him. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. Happy Birthday Frost..Make it a great day
  7. Cool video. Let's take a canoe out for a closer look. I bet that adrenaline junkie SomeFreakingDude would do it.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Navspec, make it a great day my friend...old friend...and he's my age Let's not have anymore Birthdays ok Nav?
  9. Happy Birthday Gluv make it a great day
  10. Get with me when you are on tonight and let's check it out