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  1. Carlos, You might want to check out the Linksys NAS200 Network attached storage system, they are about $110 (without the hard drives) . I have one that I use at my shop and was thinking about buying another for home. Just plug it into your network (standard RJ-45 connector) and you have an instant storage server. They also have 2 USB ports for connecting directly and support RAID 0+1. You can even set it up so that you can access it through the internet if you need to get files when you are away from home. Nap
  2. U.S. Army Field Manual 21-76 There are a couple of revisions, but it should get you started. You can either buy it from amazon, or get it here--- I have a buddy that hikes in to the Olympics during hunting season with only a bag of jerky, canteen of water, a sleeping bag and a tarp. If he gets hungry, grouse tastes like chicken. A week or two later he comes back. A little hard core for me, lately I just take the RV to the Oregon dunes. It is always easier and more convincing to write about what you know. Maybe you should consider a survival trip? There are lots of them all over the US, just do a google search. Good Luck, Nap
  3. Aerodynamically it is about the same. It mainly depends which end you prefer the gravel packed into.
  4. Thanks Frost, I will give it a shot.
  5. Whoever is in charge of the TF2 servers, could you please add me to the list.... Steam ID 0:0:11486379 As I keep getting bumped out. Thanks Nap
  6. INTJ # very expressed introvert # distinctively expressed intuitive personality # distinctively expressed thinking personality # slightly expressed judging personality
  7. Kudos to you Squeeze, what a selfless thing to do. And the short hair works too. Anyone else think she looks like Julia Stiles?
  8. Hey Sirks, Seeing your name on the birthday announcement reminded me of shooting at your legs or feet (whatever was sticking out), from the other side of Monkey Bay. :sniper: Good times..... Happy Birthday! Nap
  9. Napoval

    original far cry

    I will try to make it, just say when.
  10. Napoval

    original far cry

    I had this happen to me once, I somehow screwed up an update and it would not re-install thinking it was already there.I deleted everything and re-installed, but it still would not let me install the updates. It kept telling me the update was already installed from some registry entry. I cleared it from the registry and it installed/updated fine. I did it the hard way, screwing around in regedit is always scary.I have since found that you can remove most of these problems with CCleaner (formerly CrapCleaner). If you don't have it, you can download it free from . Hope to see you guys in there.
  11. Napoval

    original far cry

    I couldn't make the 19th,I was on vacation in Vegas ( Viva Lost Wages!!! ), did anyone else make it?
  12. Napoval

    original far cry

    If anyone is looking for the right patches, If you are reinstalling, I would recommend the cumulative patch, it goes right from V1.0 to V1.4 Map packs can still be found at
  13. Napoval

    original far cry

    I appear to still have 1.4 still installed, now if I can just remember where I put the disk. When are you thinking of playing?
  14. Twice I have had a problem getting the CoD:WW Internet Server List to populate. If anyone else is having the same problem, here is how I fixed it. Click Find Game Switch Source to Favorites click on New Favorite Type in the IP address of a known active server (WMD SEATTLE) then click OK you should see WMD Seattle in your list Switch back to Source: Internet Click Refresh All should be good now.
  15. What's up with that Carlos, your wife grounded you ? Lost the keys to the handcuffs? I have not yet picked it up but will be doing so tonight or tomorrow.