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  1. Ahaha that's funny Napster I remember when he came in here and started so much crap but it was entertaining :} Some tools just wont go away hey at least we left a lasting impression on him unlike some members I wont mention names "Nexus"
  2. I was just looking at some server providers and I don't see this game on there sites yet so makes me kinda nervous. No private servers? No browser? I can't believe DICE would not make the PC version just like BF.
  3. Yeah I like the new maps breaths a little life into BF and I hear they are going to release some more maps/packs soon so....but they really need 2143. The last map pack was heading in that direction so we will see.
  4. :Yo Sean "O" your right time does fly by! Hey don't be too hard on the Taliban :} Thanks for the your service man and be safe.
  5. What ever dude I don't want to hear another word about it! Clod hopper I called and asked DICE directly for a beta key and they said "beat it Dra@ino"
  6. OMG another Geezer B Day we need some new recruits that can stay up past 7PM! Happy birthday dude enjoy!
  7. Happy B Day Geezer! Can u read this? if so when you done with your nap join us in TS but don't fall a sleep this time please.....
  8. Actually Titan looks pretty cool but I'm more stoked that B4 is bringing back Commander and Voice two critical game modes that have always been part of Battlefield plus the new map looks killer.
  10. This is why we don't see the Napster as often this is his new gig for real..... BTW Nav is the Sheriff....
  11. I wish napsters internet would go down! u big goofy clodhopper! BTW Nav I'm coming down to Santee soon and raise hell and your my get out of jail free card
  12. Hey some no pics? There prolly not cool enough for the new site!
  13. Happy B Day old man your almost ready for some naps and adult diapers!! :cool2:
  14. draino

    Happy Easter!

    Hey Soul Don't feel bad we caught the bunny replacing the cash in the eggs with jelly beans right before the egg hunt! Now i"m hungry maybe we will check out the hunger games today.:feast: Happy Easter
  15. Whats up super star long time no see!!! Hey look man just because your getting a little wiser doesn't mean you can't hang in TS once in a while and still gain some vauled wisdom from the "Drain Master":slapass: BTW are u still flippin bottles or working for Dice? :cheersss: