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    yo momma
  1. loot box improvements

    yup, no reason to wait to open them
  2. site update?

    glad you're liking the game zip
  3. Battlefront 2

    I'm interested in PUBG (playing as a squad), but only when it's a bit more polished. It's probably #1 on my list to check out during the summer sale. Also, I want BadCompany 3. Overwatch is still fun, I'll play that more once I'm less busy with some current projects.
  4. Hydros recruitment app

    Hey Hydros, thanks for the app. Zipp gave me the heads-up, so we'll go ahead and accept you as a recruit. Hop in Mumble when you're able to so we can get to know you (Zip can get you the info). We'll let things ride for awhile to give people a chance to get to know you, and to see how well you fit with us. Be sure to connect in some way with the other guys who play planetside (add on steam, or however). There's still a few who play regularly (Powerglove, Dr., Madawg, Zip, maybe a couple more). And check out the other games that we play frequently, whether 7 Days to Die, Overwatch, sometimes TF2, etc. If any of those are games that interest you, it'd be a good way to meet more of us. Once we feel that you've gotten a chance to meet enough people, we'll put your application up for a vote for full membership. If you have any questions, feel free to add me on Steam or Battlenet (I don't play PS2, so I won't see you there).
  5. Magic, MTG

    Million told me yesterday he'd probably play
  6. tf2 anyone

    get overwatch!
  7. Sad day

    You engaging in theatrics??! Heavens no! The best thing to do is to call for heals on Mumble I've found
  8. Sad day

    lol This is one reason why I don't play mercy. I always get tunnel vision and don't do a good job finding other people with low health.
  9. BF1...Not for me.

    Bad Company 3 master race checking in!
  10. Happy Birthday Gluv

    Happy Birthday Gluv!
  11. Happy Birthday Reggetti!

    Happy Birthday Reggetti chooblet! Hope you have a great day. I'll let you play Zarya with me today as a present. A totally *cough* unselfish gift! *cough*
  13. Happy Birthday Doge!

    Wow, big 18! Happy Bday Doge, I'm glad you're with us, you're a great asset to our clan!
  14. yadda yadda another one yadda
  15. GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080 - the big question

    yeah, the Asus strix overclocked looks like a great card too. You're paying an extra $20 for the slight speed boost.