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  1. Well, when you get old you start to forget things... I miss you Oxide!
  2. Big "40!" Not sure where you got 50 Oxide, but some days I feel like 50! 😄
  3. Well, I spoke too soon! I checked our paypal account, and in the past month or so we've had a generous donation from InfamousBob and Sumfriggin dude! Thanks guys! Your contributions should be way more than enough to keep us going for at least another year (maybe 2 if we can stretch it)! Next time you see these gentlemen around, give em a big thanks. Big hearts!
  4. Hi all, I know our forums haven't been super active of late, and so we've tried to keep the costs way down and go longer between updates. However, some of you may have noticed the dozens of spammers that have been joining the site almost every day. This is because our 1) Invision Forum software is now out of date, our License Renewal has expired (this includes spam defense), and 3) Google has retired Recaptcha1, and we can't subscribe to the new invisible Recaptcha until we upgrade the Invision software. Needless to say, this is a perfect storm! Soul and I have been trying to keep up, and I delete many spammers every day, but this isn't sustainable. I've asked Fernferret, Snpbond, and Raven to look into what we need to get everything going smoothly again for a year or two. So far, we need probably $60-75 in the WMD paypal account to cover the upgrades and licenses. So for those of us who still use these forums, if anyone wants to contribute a little so we can make this happen, please do so. Feel free to send me a PM here and let me know if you do. As always, you can send it via paypal to Thanks peeps!
  5. Welcome! You've got some good referrals so feel free to jump into Mumble while you're gaming if you haven't yet. I think Zip hooked you up with the Mumble info. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on here or through a private message.
  6. Hello! It was nice playing with ya. Sorry if SoulCrusher was a bit off putting. But we have to deal with that too. Cheers
  7. Frost

    what's up

    Doing good! Happy New Year Sniperman! What have you been up to the past few years?
  8. Tell us what it is already EA!
  9. Not sure can't remember !  Thanks anyways


  10. I'll be excited for anything that takes place post-WWII. (My first choice is Bad Company 3 Vietnam!)
  11. Hey guys, we have 1-2 upcoming bills to keep the website running through our VPS. Because of some anonymous donors behind the scenes, I haven't had to ask for donations in a long time (look at above date!). Hopefully 4-5 people wouldn't mind chipping in $5-$10 to keep us running for another 6 months to a year. Thanks all! Paypal donations should be sent to the following address:
  12. noice! Add me on Frost#1956 (your birth year soko). I looked for trendenburner on your steam friend's list to add him and didn't see him. So he might have to add me himself.
  13. Frost

    GuEsS WhO's Back?

    Correction to my last post: (Mith sent me this)