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  1. Flip love to play with you some time. I too think it is fun and lighthearted game play. BC2 was just too difficult for me to enjoy. I always felt like everyone was cheating which I know was not the case....I just sucked.
  2. Tribes is the game that started it all for me. Thanks for the great post/find. I am going to sign up for the alpha.
  3. I bought it and have played both the single and multiplayer. I think it is fun, mindless gameplay. There are absolutely no tactics or cohesion within the teams. So, from a clan game standpoint, it might not make for a well accepted game. I miss the BF 2142 days. Bad Company 2 runs so rough on my PC that I get too frustrated playing it with you guys. Hope all is well. Regards, RJ
  4. I was wondering if anyone ese was beta testing the new Medal of Honor Multiplayer game. I think there beta was open relesed on Fileplanet on Monday. So far, I have played it and it seems a lot like COD. Give me your thoughts.
  5. Genocidal - I got my free one year deal, today, also. Not sure what to do. Going to think about it for a day or so.
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to get your opinion on this. http://www.onlive.com/ I truly think that we are looking at the future of gaming, as we know it.
  7. Carlos - You goksta pull out the AMEX and gets ya a copy of da game. The time is now. You will have fun brutha.
  8. Carlos, The multiplayer is a blast. Where I do see a problem is, trying to play on the same server as all your buddies. I have not quite figured that out yet. However, the game play is amazing.
  9. The game exceeds all of my expectation. I played single player for 3 hours and did not want to stop. I then played multiplayer for an hour, did not want to stop. I have not seen a game that was this much fun in a long time. I certainly do not get any of the negative press that I have read here, there and everywhere. The game is fantastic in my mind and well worth the $49.99 price tag. Hope you all decide to purchase it. I certainly think that you would agree with me.
  10. Anyone picking up their copy of Modern Warfare 2, today? Got mine on pre-order and looking forward to sealing the deal. All the trailers look fantastic.
  11. So, I have been playing this game for two weeks straight and I can tell you that it is worth the price. Great balance and game play and team work is a must. So, instead of your wife or girlfriend out on the town next weekend, buy the game. She will hate you for only one day and you will have a game that you can play for many months.
  12. I seriously think that you would be excited about it. It is lots of fun. I too bought FC 2 and ARMA2 and yes, they both sucked.
  13. Guys, if you have played Tribes and Battlefield, you will love (and I mean love) the game Section 8. I have been playing it for a week now and I am totally hooked. It is such a team game. This is the type of game that all of us 2142 players will love. Gotta trust me on the purchase. RJ
  14. Please add mine for Boarderlands: WMD_Tritonbassman