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  1. i7 is coming... normally saying this about technology is just silly because you can always say it, but..... WAIT FOR i7!!!!!!!!!!!!!11ONE
  2. Samsung monitors are the win, however, a requirement for me is having a height adjustment. I am looking at getting the Samsung 2243BWX. If you care about height adjustment, you might want to take a look at that one.
  3. Now I'm interested! Post a screen shot of what yours looks like. Sure I could turn settings all the way off and look for myself... but screw that.
  4. Use the TF2 font!!!! TF2 Font Linky -
  5. It depends on the odds you are betting on. If you bet on a team that is heavily favored, you won't get much; if you bet on a huge underdog, you stand to win a lot. I have bet on 22 games and have a 55% success rate so far. I've racked up $1.14 so far. It's fun!
  6. What about on-board sound? If you are just hooking up headphones for gaming, then on-board should take care of it. Now if you have 5.1 speakers and listen to a lot of music, then maybe things are different.
  7. Ok... this is NOT a scam. Good intro, huh? Bear with me. It is a sports betting website... but it is legal in the US... and you can't lose ANY money... sound too good to be true? For once, it isn't, keep reading. Really, the majority of your questions can be answered here (, but here is the basic idea: Congress passed a law making online gambling illegal. However, they didn't actually make the act of betting online illegal, they made the act of depositing money into an online gambling account illegal. So, a bunch a kids from Texas A&M decided to come up with a way to circumvent this... CentSports. When you sign up, they give you $0.10. You can bet with it as you like. If you win, it is yours. If you lose (all the way back to $0.00), they deposit another $0.10 into your account. Unlimited dimes. Once you reach $20, you can cash out and they send you real money, a check in the mail. How is this all possible you ask? It is ad sported. It displays ads on the website and also when you place a bet (unless you have Adblock of course). They make more from ad revenue than they pay out. This is not a scam, you don't have to give out ANY personal information when you sign up. You give you name and email, no address, no phone number, no credit cards, bank info, any of that. I suppose if you reach $20 and cash out then they need an address to send the check to, but that is about it. Still think it is a scam and/or illegal? Here is an article in Forbes about it: If any of you do sign up, you should search for "Matt Jacobi" (me!) and add me as a friend! You're welcome.
  8. Time to try out water-coolant. :secretsmile:
  9. I won't be around tonight... going to see Dark Knight in IMAX!
  10. W]M[D Nerd Herd Skills Report Updated: 7/30/08 What is your tech knowledge level? [1-5] 4.1415926535897932384626433832795 (approx pi + 1) What languages do you know(preferably web based)? What proficiency for each? [Language -- Proficiency[1-5]] HTML/XHTML/CSS - 4 PHP - 3 Javascript - 3 mySQL - 3 How well do you know Linux console?[1-5] 3 How well do you know Valve's Hammer?[1-5] 0 How familiar are you with Valve's console commands[1-10](10 being a knowledge of nearly every command that exists, and what each one does) ex: 6.5 Time commitment? [1-5] (5 being I LIVE FOR WMD) ex: 1 Other Comments[comment] I don't really have the time for an active role right. I would basically like to let people know that I am around in case someone wants to bounce an idea off me, ask me a question, etc.
  11. Valve has removed the health boost when using the backburner.
  12. Just keep eating, damnit! Mommy deserved it!