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  1. nice ride... i bet the insurance is not so nice though =P
  2. detox

    Its Alive!

    my computer is up and running again! I'm downloading tf2 now. It should be done by the time i get off work. cant wait to see ya in game again
  3. detox

    Computer Issues

    I am still havin issues getting my setup not to run in riad, I have not had much time to look into it but its prolly some stuid jumper setting i am missing or something simple i have overlooked =P This weekend I am gonna work on it some more.
  4. detox

    Computer Issues

    One of my HD's are still good (I think) so Im just not going to run raid if I can get the drive to recognize right.
  5. detox

    Computer Issues

    My Hard drive just went out on me. I dont know when I am going to be able to replace it so I will not be on much for a while. For now the only time I can check the forums out is from work... Ill keep ya posted.
  6. I have also been pretty busy lately. If TSM wants to set up the practice times I'll see what I can do about gettin us a scrim.
  7. welcome! see ya in game
  8. detox

    Favorite song

    another classic..... =P
  9. detox

    Favorite song Word to your mother........
  10. detox


    I do have a senior project that I did but the one I got was BS. Did not give me much to work with. It was just a website that used JSP a MYSQL database and some photoshop work. Also the people I did the project with were morons and made the site look terrible (I mainly worked on the coding portion while they did all the cosmetic stuff)
  11. detox

    Favorite song

    my favorite song is im a little tea pot