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  1. Probably going to pick this up. Do you guys think it will have the legs of TF2?
  2. I'm an old man, but still younger than Frost. =D Thx guys =]
  3. I tried the a50's which is the wireless version of the a40's. I think you will like them. Very good sound quality and high quality construction. Only thing I didnt like was the closed design meant I couldn't hear myself talking in the mic. Did you get the Mixamp version? The mixamp will add processing to make it 7.1 surround. If you didn't get the mixamp, you can purchase it separately later.
  4. I just got the Sennheiser G4me One and am very happy with it. My review is on the BBY site.
  5. AWESOME! Your best one yet!
  6. I'm thinking for the name maybe: "The Clincher" or "The Finisher" or "The Finishing Touch". Description: You didn't think you would actually get away did you?
  7. Wait a minute. It's not your birthday.
  8. Now I need a name and description for my shotgun. I really think of my shotgun as my second rocket launcher. Maybe I should name it Second rocket launcher =P.
  9. And the winner is: Name: The Crutch - Personal Pocket Medic Description: I'm really not very good at this game and I still won! =P
  10. Are you old enough for booze yet?