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  1. Well, I saw some of you in Team Speak the other day and we played for a little bit. Sadly, most of you were gone after I had to reboot, but I'll see you guys on later!
  2. Recruitment Application In-game name: EraseR Combo Pack Date of Birth: 11/28 Location(city/state): Minnesota - I would prefer not to give the city Email address: Real Name(optional): Dan Xfire ID: lembasbread Usual playtimes: Just about any time 3pm onward on weekdays (except tues and fri) and all the time on the weekends Were you refered by someone? if so who? n/a What other games besides the one you are applying for do you play? Well, I play a lot of games, but the ones I play seriously are TF2, Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties, World of Warcraft, SourceForts (inactive atm), and I'm just trying out CoD4. I'm a pretty heavy gamer, but don't worry, I put special priority on clan matters. Tell us about yourself, and why you want to join WMD? I'll be turning 18 this month so I'm right at the cutoff. I'm getting kind of sick of pubbing due to the usual reasons... idiots. I have played SourceForts for a long time which is a HL2 mod and is a build your own base CTF game. Any of you who have played HL2 or a game with the same engine know just how many interesting quirks it has. SourceForts really exploits those physics glitches for the fun of the game. It is heavily based on "trick jumps" which involve plenty of practice to get just right. Things like rocket jumping and nade jumping take practice to do consistantly and while under fire. It makes it more than just a shoot and score CTF game. Anyways, enough about that. SourceForts is where my primary interest in TF2 comes from. I know it's important to be a team player and I'm not one to pad my kill count before helping the team. The class I play primarily in TF2 is the soldier and I think I play him pretty well, at least for my own stndards. I'd love to get to play some practice scrims with you guys if you're into that, but I'm having some trouble getting Team Speak to work (yes, I followed that tutorial). Let me know if you have any further questions.