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  1. Nexus, yep on my second play through. I like it!
  2. Ok, who is going to get Borderlands 3, I have my preorder ready to go!
  3. Please be something worth playing!!!!
  4. Hey Some, I'm playing Mechwarrior Online but I have BF1, just have gotten into it. Might try Battlefront II at some point.
  5. Happy belated birthday Frosty!!!
  6. Ok, Battlefield 1 is on sale on Origin for 50% off so I pulled the plug and bought it, so if any of you peep's out there want to play a few rounds let me know.
  7. Happy belated birthday Nav, hope you had a great time!
  8. I heard that Walmart will have BF1 on Sale for $27.00 on Black Friday, might pick it up for that cost.
  9. BF2142 is still the best BF game, I might just have to join in!
  10. Happy birthday Men, have a great day!
  11. Just got on last night for a few rounds, not bad for a Alpha.
  12. Yes it was emailed today, not sure when it starts though.
  13. Did anyone else get a Alpha code for BF1?