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  1. Pharma just told me now. I'll have it updated sometime within the next hour. Edit: it should be good now.
  2. I have two friends still looking to get in on a four pack. (I already preordered the day the game was announced before even realizing there was a 4pack)
  3. TS will be down from 9:50pm CDT until as late as 11:10pm CDT tonight. (it may be down for only 15-20 minutes, it may be down for the full 1:20). After the last outage they had due to backup power not functioning properly, they are switching on a new backup power system and doing a brief test of it so such an occurrence doesn't happen again.
  4. Pwning would require it to have a Shaft ability
  5. Edit:
  6. I still play a bit I'm usually at TF2Newbs #4 or #5 when I'm on. They're both 24/7 2fort :3
  7. Indeed. With all the steam account hijackings that go on, it never hurts to approach with caution.
  8. 1) Look at the url in the address bar on the site you are actually putting your steam info into. It is 2) Voogru is a well-respected member of the Source server modding community 3) You can actually just login directly on manually, and then go to the petition. The cookie should carry over fine. As Bob said, it uses an OpenID bridge to the steam community site to curb spam signatures and to confirm that everyone signing actually has tf2. He's trying to keep the petition as legit as possible and has already been in some direct communication with Robin Walker at Valve.
  9. The real kicker is that this is only a couple months after they announced that they are going to implement some hats and other content created by the community... while now stifling other avenues of community creativity.
  10. I'm sure some config files will need edited, but sourcemod itself, admin permissions, and stats are back up and working.
  11. Who remembers the !hatme command from the funhouse, and availability of hats to the clan members. It wasn't even just the "official" hats, but other fun ones like bunny ears, road cones, cowboy hat, sombrero, etc. With one of the very recent TF2 updates, Valve has made changes to purposely (according to Robin Walker himself) hinder any 3rd-party player attachment, such as hats (or any random model, not even on head) and even weapons that the player does not own. Needless to say, I, as well as many other server admins, as quite disappointed. Many players are as well whom are regulars on servers that run these type of mods. It has even broken certain custom gameplay modes. Prophunt was broken until they later released a fix for it, and pyro dodgeball still is. Valve has went from a the-sky-is-the-limit approach with modding, to doing the equivalent of putting restrictive DRM on the client. I refer it is as DRM as warnings end up printing in the server console regarding trying to equip an item that one does not own. This comes right after a microtransaction interface has been found in the latest Steam API. (hats for $$$, anyone?). TL;DR Please consider signing this: Some redundant links for further reading/discussion
  12. That's not gonna work. Thanks to the latest updates, we need a 1.3.2 snapshot. I'll start looking at it in a few. I was just too pissed off earlier, but a refreshing nap did wonders.
  13. And now With the whole server having apparently been reinstalled. All custom files/plugins/configs are gone.
  14. They gave me a bullsh*t response that my email address didn't match the one on the account. This is the first time they've ever hassled me about that. I responsed with