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  1. Oh. This is going to be good. We're going to have to get the Band back together. In 6 days (August 12th) they are releasing a Short Film.
  2. So, the big "reveal" was today. Battlefield V or (5 if you wish) is supposed to take place during WWII. EA/DICE are going for a "realistic" portrayal of WWII. However, after viewing the Trailer, it's anything but "realistic". Then, to top it all off, the franchise has finally succumbed to the social justice warriors and now we have a one-armed female front line soldier. Yeah, very believable for a WWII shooter. Also, we have some guy running around with a Katana on his back (in the European Theater). Anyway, within 2 hours of the Trailer release, the video had over 62000 dislikes and a resurgence to the #notmybattlefield movement. I am really not sure what EA/DICE are thinking, but when you get a racist SJW like Trevor Noah to introduce your game (who has probably never played a Battlefield game in his life), what do you expect? Some reactions: Anyway, see the video for yourself.
  3. Thanks Mad. Been working a lot and it's really cutting into my gaming. I should have rethought that 3rd career.
  4. My girlfriend gave it to me as a gift (obviously she didn't get the memo), I've played it. I stand by my original assessment, not impressed and very shallow on content.
  5. Well, I thought it wouldn't happen, but I don't think I will join the ranks of BF1 anytime soon. After filling the ranks of BF 1942 all the way through BF4, my enlistment will probably end...or be put on hold. With a price of $59-$79 (depending on which edition you get) I can't see the game being worth it. Although WWI is an interesting setting, after watching countless YouTube videos and playing the BETA, I can't see the game holding that much interest for me. In my opinion, in it's current configuration and setting, I don't see much longevity for the game. If they keep it an "authentic" WWI environment, there's not much "there" there. I can only handle so much iron sights unless I opt to play Recon class for the entirety of the game. Honestly, Weapon development during WWI does not leave much for expansion and interest...again if the game is to cover the WWI era specifically. And unless DICE decides to have an "Alternate Universe" of WWI, I doubt it will change. I can only say, when the news came of the anticipated "BF5" becoming BF1, I had mixed reaction. Sorta like when your Grandmother sent you a big old package weeks before Christmas. Your mind is filled with excitement and wonderment...each day your anticipation grows. What could it be? A new Bike? Tonka Trucks? Remote control Car set? Then when you finally get to open it on Christmas morning, it's a box full of socks and underwear. Truthfully, in my opinion, Battlefield would have been best served if DICE took a long look at their most successful games and revisit that theme; BF2, 2142, and Bad Company,. I'm not asking for a remake of those titles, but they were the most original and best balanced games. Plus they had "legs" for future expansion. I know EA/DICE want to "freshen up" the franchise and reboot from the failed Hardline release (at least for the PC gamer); I just don't think BF1 is going to be that title. In the end, I hope I am wrong and maybe eventually I will get the game way down the road, but right now, probably not.
  6. Well, in one year our Galaxy has traveled 11,745,100,000 miles towards the constellation Hydra. Our Solar system has traveled 4,514,393,576 miles around Sagittarius A*, along the Orion Arm. And Earth, has traveled 584,020,178 miles along its ecliptic. I suppose it’s FlipShot’s Birthday again. Happy Birthday you old dog!
  7. So, EA is going to have a Live Event to reveal Battlefield 5. Some thoughts by LevelCap -