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  1. So I've updated drivers, adjusted settings, and generally thought it through with this x101 BSOD error I keep getting. General prognosis from many and varied sites suggest that the CPU is dying. As this is only happening with TF2, I'm afraid I will be retiring for the foreseeable future as a grad stipend is not nearly enough to build a new box with. I'll be on Killing Floor and battlefield:heroes some, hope to see you guys in there!
  2. Hot damn... servers are really hit or miss. Either it's playing against 5 demomen or 5 soldiers or the server didn't get the memo and is running *gasp* balanced teams.
  3. Ack, it's like everyone's having computer problems recently. Anyone played these maps yet?
  4. Well, I've been online more often (got settled into Vancouver) and just (yes, really) remembered that we have a forum again. I'm about two to three hours behind most of you so when I get on it'll usually be at the tail end of the nights action. Hope to see y'all around!
  5. I remember the Badlands one: wasn't that with UM?
  6. Jesus, Puppynuts. I'm 6'5" and 190.
  7. Drink less? DRINK LESS? How are we supposed to go drunken server raiding when anyone drinks less?
  8. How do you kill with the energy drink?
  9. Well, I personally think I'm way below where I left off. I've been trying to pick up on what I'm doing wrong, but it isn't going very far very fast. I would really enjoy getting some feedback from people, even if it seems like something simple (not going out alone for instance). Thanks!
  10. Here's her email for those who are interested.
  11. A friend of mine is trying to get a portfolio of commissions together and wouldn't mine branching out into the TF2 art style. If anyone wants a simple thing of their favorite class, just IM her at Wrin00 on AIM/Meebo/etc. Thanks, -Adder
  12. But I just want my silly little hat! I don't want to have to put in a work week+ just for that thing.
  13. I've been gone too long... I need to get back into practice for these kind o things
  14. I should be there. Might get sexiled, so I can't be definitive.