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  1. I have the p2, and sq wize. P2 dominates the itouch. It's a great portable dap , and i sometimes use the bluetooth functions while i'm at the library or a quiet study hall where i have to have my phone ringer off.
  2. keke , i watched the movie. "It's good to have buddies that work at the movie theaters." Anyways, this movie is just too good. In terms of quality, this truly is a masterpiece. Everything was executed perfectly. Although it doesn't fall truly to the comic, it surely is carried well. It's a dark film, hence the title. It carries on morality, the decisions batman must do and even to decide to break some rules. Now let's talk about the character, especially joker. Heath ledger is an amazing joker. Every time he acts his role, you always have a smile on your face, even if the stuff he does is so mortifying. He's played his role and he will always be remembered as "the joker" in my books. Harvey dent: His character build up and his corruption is superb. Hopefully i haven't spoiled much, but we all know who harvey dent is...cough twoface. My conclusion, This movie is this best summer movie. It tops everything in my books. Just the depth eliminates the marvel movies. DC has this summer in the bag. Dorry Marvel, but the batman is just to great. "Why so serious?"
  3. Wow so many applications, welcome aboard.
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    q6600 are still good, i only have a e6750 oced to 3.6 though
  6. "Yeah , I can fly"
  7. i never tried paintball but i seldomly play airsoft.. its pretty fun.
  8. holy dang.. i want to get that saw
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    Pay Attention!

    wow hopefully that guy survived.
  10. thats pretty good. max everything and 1680x1050? haha but in the end, you only need 100 fps with a fast ms rate from your monitor.
  11. i would like a friendly scrim