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  1. Frog and I have been talking and I am looking to get more folks in it. How about it Soul, Myth, Derryl, Nav?
  2. Hey guys. I finally got my son into our kind of gaming and we are looking to get back into BF4 since it was a great game. Anyone up for it?
  3. http://www.theonion.com/article/report-us-still-leads-world-with-highest-density-o-35856
  4. http://nerdist.com/blizzards-new-deal-will-let-you-stream-overwatch-on-facebook-live/
  5. Almost. Not sure on their TZ math but in the East we are on -400 not -500. Either way, we get it tomorrow evening.
  6. Just saw this in the Blizzard console, so we don't have to wait until Tuesday to get our game on.
  7. Thanks for the Birthday wishes guys. Yeah, I came on with -Nge- playing TF2 in 2008. You guys introduced me to FarCry after the fact since I came from the HL2 world.
  8. The specs are really good. I recommend it if you need a good solution for a reasonable price.
  9. http://www.pcgamer.com/the-force-cant-stop-luke-skywalker-getting-pubstomped-into-paste
  10. If you are sick and tired of programs stealing the focus of your active window in Windows Vista and later, I developed the solution this weekend. "Don't Interrupt Me!" gives you the same functionality you used to enjoy in Windows XP with the Power Toys plugin which unfortunately no longer works correctly post-XP. All this app does is maintain the focus of your current window without any fuss. Once installed you will find it on your task bar with an option to enable / disable, and to toggle whether it runs at start up. Download it for free here: http://xcalibursystems.com/josha/Archive/DontInterruptMe_Setup.exe Let me know if you have any questions. - Raven
  11. It's Quake 3 Arena. It's Live. It's Free. It's Ridiculously fun. We must do this. http://store.steampowered.com/app/282440/'%3EQuake%20Live%E2%84%A2%3C/a%3E%20is%20Now%20Available%20on%20Steam!%20From%20the%20legendary%20series%20that%20founded%20the%20online%20shooter%20genre%20comes%20the%20most%20exciting,%20energetic,%20and%20fast-paced%20free-to-play%20shooter%20on%20the%20Internet.%20Welcome%20to%20Quake%20Live.%20%3Ca%20href=