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  1. I highly highly recommend you guys think about getting VR, and then playing beat saber. One of the best games I've ever played, and it never gets old. It is incredibly good exercise as well. And it now has multiplayer

  2. Two questions:


    1. Does anyone know how many gigs it is to download it the first time?

    2. Do you think I can play with high ping? I'm playing from overseas. Games like overwatch don't give me any issue, I can play even with 300 ping, and no one notices, and it doesn't affect my gameplay either.  But some games, perhaps battlefield, has servers that kick people for ping higher than 200.  From what you can see so far, do you have players with high ping? Do you see servers that kick people for high ping?

  3. I highly highly recommend eternal card game on steam.  It's similar to magic the gathering and hearthstone.  It's free.  It's a lot of fun.  It's well made.  And they keep coming out with new features.

    I like it a lot more than hearthstone.  And maybe more than magic too.  

  4. Mith, hopefully you backed up your account and decks so that you dont have to make new ones?  If not, I think I have the email of one of the MTG guys who might be able to help you get stuff back.  Same goes for anyone else

  5. I moved back to Africa after a few months in the US, but I'm in a different locale this time.  Unfortunately my internet is quite bad for games.  So you won't be seeing me in overwatch (or anything else besides tabletop) for probably a few years....  But I love what I do and don't regret being here

    You can still catch me on steam though to talk.   Hate to miss out on the all the overwatch fun!  At least I have lots of single player games to try out

  6. Any interest in a scheduled clan fun night with overwatch?  Meaning we would get some captains, divide into 2 teams of 6, or 4 teams, depending on how many people show up.  The captains could pick teams privately so no awkward feelings have to be dealt with.  Then we play custom games against each other.  And if teams are really unbalanced, we can always change them up.  Because the goal is to have fun.

    Last time we did this, it was a lot of fun, and we had really balanced teams.  It's always more fun to kill someone like Frost, than a random pubber :)

    I'm willing to help organize this.

  7. In case you are like me, and you want to know if you are really helping the team or not in overwatch, it's good to understand the medals.  It was hard to find a clear website online, but most of what I found said that you get a medal for being the best in a given category according to your teammates , so like most healing done in a match.  And not, what was told to me, that its based on your career record.

    Anyone have any verification on this?  I can't seem to find anywhere where it spells it out clearly