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  1. Bond, all of your kills were me, I don't know what that says..... You had to record the game where we lost the worst!
  2. we were nearly 50/50 for the night with wins right?
  3. haha i think i was the first death. That was really really fun last night, i hope there is a lot more to come. Playing with friends, on nearly equal teams, is so much fun
  4. I'm really enjoying the game, and I'll be honest, it's really cool how many WMD people have been playing just the beta. Seems like a game that can bring a lot of us together at once, which is fun. When it gets really competitive later on that could be different, but for now I get to play with a lot of diverse WMD people each day, different each time.
  5. I'm pretty sure starcraft reset the season each month as well. It sounds nearly the same format for competitive.
  6. Frog

    WMD Minecraft!

    Thanks Frost, I hope to check it out soon when I get time
  7. happy birthday Bro! For your birthday gift, I guess I'll let you play some good computer games with me. Anything but TF2
  8. Frog

    MTG on GCCG

    Hey guys, I've gotten a sudden hankering for Magic the Gathering on GCCG. Remember all of our epic 2v2 games? Anyone else interested?
  9. I have had friends join me in mumble/teamspeak over the past 5 years to play games with me, and with others, such as One-Eyed Eunuch, Raccoon, Schreibs, Pastor Joel, others. I hope I was not breaking policy. If so I apologize. But I appreciate being able to invite them in
  10. Google is banned in Uganda. so there. jk
  11. when you say community maps, that means if I only have the base game, I can still play new maps?
  12. edited the link, now you can see the details in the document I shared, thanks
  13. Hey guys, in about 4-5 months I'll be selling my gaming laptop so I can hopefully get something a bit smaller (as I travel a lot). It's a powerful beast of a machine. An Asus G74s. If you are interested in specs and more details, then PM me your email address or post it in a comment, and I'll send you a whole page of details. Details:
  14. yeah I would love to see some pictures. I hope it all works out well for you, and that you can enjoy your work. Thank you for your service
  15. Frog

    Windows 10 caution

    Maybe if I wait 6 months to download it, they will have fixed some of these problems
  16. looks like it could be fun
  17. Anyone interested in "the forest" or "miscreated"? Also, black mesa is a really fun game, not sure if it has multiplayer though
  18. Our chicks were just born two days ago too!
  19. is it gonna be free to play?
  20. Does look like a rip off of TF2. So many classes to choose from. It could be good, or it could just be spammy without much strategy
  21. i was really disappointed with far cry 3, and far cry 2