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    Magic the Gathering

    It appears no one is using broken cards like the moxes, which I think is actually legacy rules not vintage. I'm going to make sure all of my decks are legal for legacy play. I suggest we all do the same, just to be on equal terms and so none of us have any of the broken cards that are overpowered.
  2. Frog

    Magic the Gathering

    Just don't be on Frost's team for 4 player games. He'll get you to sacrifice all your creatures to protect him
  3. Frog

    Dominion Tourney

    For me, its Saturday 6am
  4. Frog

    Dominion Tourney

    Ok let's try this Friday night, the 9th, 11:00pm Eastern US time. (6 am for me). Just show up on TeamSpeak dominion channel.
  5. Frog

    Dominion Tourney

    ok I may plan something soon
  6. Frog

    Dominion Tourney

    If I organized a dominion tournament, who would all be interested in joining? It would have to be sometime late at night (5:45 am for me, but 10:45 pm Eastern US time) We'd give out points, and whoever has most points at the end of the rounds wins. Something like, winner gets 4 points, 2nd place, 2 points, 3rd place 1 point, 4th place, no points. Maybe we would have 4 players in each game, but multiple games at once, and shuffle players after each game. And do a total of 3 games or so.
  7. happy birthday Frosty!
  8. I still will play GCCG. one of the few games I can play from Uganda.
  9. Frost, I'm saying that logically it doesn't make a lot of sense that you are able to do that. (not that the repairing of tanks is that realistic either)
  10. yeah it makes at least some sense that you could repair a tank on the ground, but how would you repair a helicopter in mid flight?
  11. man soul, I don't know why , but that made me laugh out loud
  12. I don't have the pack and am not planning on getting it. Unless its free But you don't have to base the server around me.
  13. haha, the mocking is probably deserved
  14. Okay, for any interested in FAR CRY, I just talked to a guy in a multiplayer server and he said that very regularly at 8 or 9 eastern there is often full assault server. I'm gonna check periodically and hopefully play some games.
  15. I'll give that support program a try.
  16. Good thought Oxide. Thanks for the suggestion. But I don't think that is it. I recently blew out the dust, and it only freeze when doing mundane things in Desktop, never while in games.
  17. Hey guys, I have a question for you. My computer (laptop) has been freezing up periodically. Don't know what is causing it. It will just totally freeze suddenly, with no error messages, no slowing down, just all of a sudden totally freeze, can't move mouse, cant do ctrl alt delete. Have to manually restart. Any ideas? I have had something that could be related. A couple times it looked like it was froze, but then the screen flickered to black and then back to normal, and gives me an error message, something to do with video card or display. Could that be the cause of the freezing? I keep my video card up to date all the time. I have a program that came with my computer that updates my video card drivers for me, after it notifies me of new drivers, and then I click okay to install. Thanks! Frog
  18. I'm not rank 5 yet, but with that disclaimer out of the way, it feels the same as BF3 to me, other than some small changes Frost noted, and it seems people die quicker. I might have considered buying it, even with the exorbitant price, but will not be, as I head to Uganda in February, and won't be needing any more intensive multiplayer games because I will have limited internet.
  19. can the next one be the movie "Far Cry" ?
  20. I also use Zsnes, and I use FCE ultra for Nes. For old dos games I use D-Fend reloaded which is way better and easier than using doxbox. USB SNES controllers are supposed to work with Zsnes, but the ones I got didn't work so had to return them. There are different ones that I could try that are more expensive but I haven't ordered them yet.
  21. Let's watch far cry the movie on Netflix sometime. Who is interested?
  22. Frog


    I really miss building walls as engineer, and miss playing brutal