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    I have an extra copy of dead space if anyone wants it. let me know
  2. Frog


    miss them too, try out chivalry: Medieval warfare, super fun
  3. Sounds really fun. But I'm busy every Tuesday night.
  4. One of the best RTS's ever made. And one of the best soundtracks ever made.
  5. I'm in the "hotter" section
  6. Or people could Middle Earth the wizards card game with me on GCCG, its the best ever!
  7. haha I laughed out loud reading that, but sadly its totally true! But the 2nd game we played we made it to like the final 10. We had finally got a little base, and still had our wooden equipment, when some knight jumped out clad all in iron and smote us to pieces.
  8. For those who don't know. Hunger games Minecraft - You all start at the same time, and the world has limited boundaries. You start from scratch, and you can attack each other. The last person or team alive wins. It goes long enough that you need shelter and food and need to mine and such, and need to explore a bit to find other people, but short enough that you can finish in one sitting. Depending on the size of the map, games would be between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
  9. L4d2 versus mode, woohoo! Also, a wmd only hunger games minecraft night would be really fun. what is prop hunt? Sounds boring....
  10. It turns out a lot of these old games aren't as fun as I remember. These games are hard! They don't make games like this anymore. Games where I now remember we were impressed if we got passed the first few levels after dozens of retries....
  11. I also got Bolo adventures (puzzle game) Slix Hugo 3 Traffic Department 2142 King Arthur's Kort Civil War Strategy SimCity Rise of the Triad Catacombs Ultima
  12. You can even order controllers to play multiplayer for Nintendo and super Nintendo emulators
  13. Frost remember adventure island for Nintendo?
  14. xquest with lots of mouse sensitivity. Raptor Doom (I still remember the cheatcodes) wolf 3d all the keen games
  15. Oh I got it working! There were instructions on abandonware. So far I've downloaded simant galactix syndicate Kaeon arethra's chronicles ancients Lemmings Oregon Trail Solar Winds Space Quest 4 Raptor Dangerous Dave
  16. Somehow I got the random idea to look for an old game "Simant" today, and found about 10 other classic games like that that I used to play and wanted to try out. They were free to download on abandonware. But unfortunately when I try to install them it says my operating system is not compatible. I'm running Windows 7. When I tried to change the properties on the install file to set it to windows 95 compatiability, it still didn't work. Anyone have any idea how to play these really old games?
  17. it's still so hard to believe that this happened. Let this be a lesson to you all about the potential problems of piracy (for the record though, Million says he owns the game legit, but was missing his key)
  18. Happy Birthday Frost. Instead of shipping a present to you, I'm giving you the gift of being willing to play shogun with you. Think of it as a coupon - "1 free shogun campaign with Frog"
  19. I think Million should buy me Far Cry 3, since he stole my cd-key for warcraft
  20. apparently my specific key is all over the internet. Probably the guy I bought it from off ebay shared it. Jerk.
  21. I'm interested in being a sub, but not in playing every single match. Let me know what you decide, thanks!
  22. we could try one of the crazy ideas that we threw out for the justice league games. There was a forum somewhere with tons of crazy ideas written down.
  23. I have warcraft 2 edition and it runs fine, including multiplayer. Well actually haven't tried windows 7 yet on my new comp, but windows xp and vista were fine.