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  1. I'll add Far Cry to that list as well. I couldn't get it working last time we tried to play. But I'm on a new internet connection now
  2. FYI - If anyone owns Warcraft 2 edition, I'd play multiplayer with them. If anyone owns Age of Empires HD coming out real soon, I'd play multiplayer with them Let me know
  3. Frog


    I made cow tongue today, some of the best meat I've ever eaten, first time I've tried it.
  4. Frog


    Welcome Cheez-it, glad to have you
  5. id like to see warpath, lazytown, and fun pigeon conspiracy, just for fun, especially on those nights where we lock the boneyard and play amongst ourselves.
  6. Frog


    can we add a "dislike" button?
  7. Frog


    Frost what is making you so interested in this topic recently? Are you just scanning youtube for antifeminism videos? You should be playing shogun with me instead
  8. youd be better off just playing SimCity classic. that sounds fun right now
  9. Frog

    Punish Frost

    I'd like to start a poll to see if we have a majority who'd like to take action against Frost for repeatedly disrespecting our mothers' good names.... Look at the options carefully
  10. Frog

    Internet Fixed!

    Woohoo! I fixed our dorm internet. I had to install some new equipment to share the internet with the main building. Now I'm up to 8-10 mbps. Just checked tf2, and got 73 ping for boneyard. Some servers (in Texas) I was getting a ping of about 10-20. time for some real gaming now! Watch out heavies and medics, you are about to be sniped!
  11. match tonight, 11:00 eastern. See private team posts for more information about when to show up
  12. Frog

    Age of Empires 2 HD

    Actually I'm looking for a 4th person, to go in on a 4 pack with us. Anyone interested?
  13. Prepurchase on steam now. I already have 4-5 other friends getting it. who all is interested? I have the most fun playing with people I know. So if some of you get it you can join in with us for some 3v3 or 4v4, it will be really competitive and fun
  14. did you ever try the hunger games servers?
  15. actually I got it working! Now I just have to figure out best placements for the client bridge, and router in the dorm
  16. Anyone ever extend wireless internet signal to new buildings? I'm trying to do so with engenius axis points and it is complicated for me
  18. looks like the only stats there that aren't based on total playtime, are Kill/death ratio. But that's not a really fair statistic to go by, especially for medics and engis. Average points per minute might be better
  19. is there a way to have stats that arent just about how many hours you logged?
  20. Frog


    Frost and I were talking about playing magic again sometime, so check back in periodically in case we ever decide to do that
  21. it looks like you have to have some sdk source installed, i dont know what that is....
  22. how hard is it to install without steam?
  23. Looks cool, I'd love to play it. When it gets up on steam, let us know. They said on the site that it will be on steam.