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  1. Bond, trying to figure out what you and Smokey meant, I did a little research. First of all, I have physical access to the router. I determined that the router has default settings and password, so I was able to login to the router's firmware, and look up the QoS section. However, on online tutorials, it made it look really easy that you just select which games to prioritize through a drop down menu. My menu looks more complicated. I see a spot for selecting specific applications and ports. Do I just type in arbitrary names of games, and then just find out which ports are important for those games? I've added a screenshot, to see if you guys can help me out more. Will it work if I just click "enable" and then check the box for "optimize gaming applications" without changing anything else on that page?
  2. I ran a network cable from the router to my apartment, and that allows me a slightly better, and slightly more consistent connection. I could play bad company 2 tonight and have pretty fun despite pretty regular lag spikes. So it seems I'll still be able to play certain games.
  3. anybody know of any good usb modems that are high speed?
  4. Hey guys, I just moved into a new place in Texas. Only here for a year, but I'm on shared wireless internet among a whole dormitory and I don't think I can upgrade it in any way. It's pretty slow internet and I don't think I can play most multiplayer games, especially first person shooters. so far gotten between 130 and 1500 ping on tf2, unplayable. I'll stick around and will try to play some other multiplayer games that the connection might be able to handle. But anyone have any good ideas for getting a stronger internet signal? Or other ways for me to play multiplayer once in a while?
  5. this thread was a lot more interesting now that ive played minecraft myself. Great video susa, very funny
  6. Frog

    Minecraft Bugs

    im good to go, bond gave me my stuff i lost, thanks!
  7. Frog

    Minecraft Bugs

    I tested after updating, I still cannot seem to save changes. I keep respawning in the same place, with the same inventory. Any ideas?
  8. Frog

    Minecraft Bugs

    My game wasn't updated, perhaps that was my problem. I'll test again later.
  9. Frog

    Minecraft Bugs

    ok my game is having major issues. I spent half hour tunneling. Then went to surface and deposited all my stuff in many different chests. Then disconnected from my home. When I reconnected a few minutes later, I was back down in my tunnel with all my stuff back in my personal inventory. If you do have a way to give me back the stuff I lost, let me know, and I'll give you the total at that point, since ive lost a few more rounds of things since. Until we figure out what is going on, I'll stop playing so I don't lose more stuff
  10. Frog

    Minecraft Bugs

    I tested again to see what would happen, put 2 more emeralds in my ender chest, and again they disappeared. Any thoughts on what is going on?
  11. Frog

    Minecraft Bugs

    It was like 36 diamonds, 15 emeralds, and a silk touch pickaxe, id be very grateful to get them back
  12. Frog

    Minecraft Bugs

    I'm starting to get really frustrated with minecraft bugs. I had a silk touch pickaxe I never used, and it disappeared. So I thought I'd be safer maybe by putting my huge stack of diamonds and emeralds in my ender chest. I log on today and they are gone. Anyone else experiencing problems like this? Makes it not so fun
  13. I've been gone, but just got back and read these posts. I'd be interested in playing periodically if needed, but I can't guarantee consistency.
  14. I could try Far cry again sometime during 2013 perhaps...
  15. Frog


    you were crushing all the competition
  16. I thought this was an interesting article - I think that the people attacking her reputation are probably being successful unfortunately, but I think their argument is dumb. If you found out that somebody was a total jerk in the online gaming world, that might mean something. But criticizing them just because they have a fun hobby like video gaming is really dumb. I'm not a politician, but I am a pastor, and I play lots of video games, and I know tons of other pastors who do too. People who don't realize the wide range of people these days playing computer games, are out of touch.
  17. I thought the last one was most funny, as I am totally guilty of it
  18. Don't know if I want you in, you always backstab me. I can still feel the pain from the last round of 3 backstabs in a row......
  19. I thought this article was interesting. I wondered then what would happen if a WMD member died. Would we know?
  20. ya decorative katana wouldn't be the best, but i was trying to think of stuff a normal person might have in their house..
  21. Hunting bow would be nice, but I haven't ever shot one before. Because of that, i'd take the handgun for emergency use. And then I'd just be real careful all the time. Then I'd take the katana. It might not be super sharp but would probably work for stabbing a zombie in the head. It might eventually fall apart, but hopefully last long enough for me to find a knife or large piece of something to use as a club.
  22. Our recent thread about fighting zombies with the stuff on our desk got me thinking. If you got to pick only 2 weapons from this list as you left your house to face the rest of your days in a zombie (walking dead breed) apocalypse, trying to survive, which 2 would you pick - You pick one ranged weapon, and one close up weapon. Or 2 close up weapons. 1. Pellet gun, with a quart of BBs/pellets 2. Your hunting bow and 6 arrows 3. A basic handgun (your preference) but only 6 bullets. 4. A 12 guage shotgun (only 4 bullets) 5. Swiss Army Knife 6. Wooden Baseball Bat 7. Cast Iron Skillet 8. Garden Hoe 9. Hammer 10. Decorative Katana 11. Big Kitchen Knife