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  1. Yeah its the same for GTA 4, if you go onto the rockstar social club site and log in theres actually a lot of good stuff on it, its not awful like Games for Windows Live
  2. Anyone who plans on getting it should send me your RGSC ID so I can invite you to the WMD crew
  3. Can we have commander mode back on the Boneyard? I know the arguement is that it takes away 2 player slots, but I know a lot of people would be happy to see it back on.
  4. So this is how you do it Texas style...I've been doing it wrong for quite a while.
  5. Happy birthday Big Pharma... No gifts from me, we exchange games every four years, remember?
  6. I bought one on Newegg about 10 minutes after I joined the hangout
  7. Next time I will actually have a webcam
  8. A Thane action figure and a coffee mug filled with 3 day old coffee...Hmmm...probably wouldn't make it.
  9. Grrr....This not going as well as I had planned...
  10. Welcome, it's good to have someone new, I look forward to playing with you! :coffee: