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  1. Want to try a custom HUD but don't want to deal with it being out of date after updates? Me either. So, with the rising complexity of the TF2 menus, I've found this HUD in particular to be updated at an amazing rate as well as having a really sweet installer. It works great, has a decent font, and best of all, it adds new menu shortcuts for backpack navigation. The updater provides a gui where you can customize options and provides updates. I've uploaded version 1.5 of the updater to my google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByJFRtVWw9TfcW45REJJT1c1Y3M/view?usp=sharingif anyone wants to check it out (it seems the forums don't like zip files...).
  2. I've done some voting changes. Let's all get in the server tonight to find out if I fixed everything... or broke it.
  3. Maybe I should rename this forum "Frost's Youtube Videos". Questions? Comments? Concerns? ... Snide Remarks? --FF
  4. All, For those of you who are unaware, I'll be back the 30th and I've talked to several of you about the future of my bot kingdom. For now, let me introduce the super shady looking bot page: http://mine.fernferret.com/bot/ Please give it a try, all bots will take anything you'll give them and we have 2 uses right now: Dave - Crate dump. If you want crates, let me know and I'll have Dave hook you up. Also, feel free to dump crates here. Fred - Weapon Swap. Want a weapon? Get it here! I don't have the swap logic done, but I know a lot of you craft away your last X. Now you can get one for matches etc. Currently if you have any weapons to spare, please give some to this bot, and in turn, I'll be looking at the list of donations and doing something for those who donate. Source code: If you're a developer, as soon as I get my steam password/API key scrubbed from the repo, I'll send out some private invites to those of you who want to have a gander at the code, it's still incomplete in many ways. I'll be completely open sourcing it in a while, once I'm happy with performance etc. Also when I get back, I have a feeling frost is gonna make me play this BF4 thing I got, so yea testing time may be limited for the bot for a while. I bet he isn't even reading this... --FF PS: If anyone has any of the holiday crates, I'd love to get a few of those seeing as I'm still unable to play TF2 till the 30th or so. If you have some you'd like to hook me up with, just give them to one of the bots.
  5. Dear Gerrit: I'll be providing a full extensive tutorial on how to make a poll with only one selectable option, because I voted for multiple options... --FF
  6. Yep, it was really bad a few months ago, but they got a lot of the lag stuff fixed!
  7. I don't know who the "authority" is anymore on maps for our pub server. I think a poll would show if our members want the server to have custom maps (pretty sure it would) and we'll get a few more put on. Just remember, playing a common map with people, is much more fun than playing 2v2 on ctf_hallofdeath Yours Truly, Fern "Hates Custom Maps, Apparently" Ferret PS: I <3 custom maps, just not empty servers
  8. The comp server is up for grabs for training, so I'll see about getting some of the other mods on there. Keep in mind progress won't probably be as fast as you want, I'm slow
  9. In addition, we've disabled HLX:CE for a little while. We did just reach 1000000 kills! Woo!
  10. The dueler of the week is constantly being calculated. Duel more and you too could hold this glorious spot.
  11. Bond's right. I haven't seen a single cookie and I'm pretty sure there should be a long queue of Keebler freight liners outside my apartment... Congrats!
  12. Let snpbond or I know if you find any new shenanigans. Here are the release notes: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/377793-ipboard-342-released/ --FF
  13. It's not a pain to read, it's a pain to copy. When you highlight, you see one thing, but the highlight is another. This lead to the confusion.
  14. Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM) - Fixed a bug that was causing intermittent lag spikes for Linux dedicated servers - Fixed a crash while command-tabing on Mac in fullscreen - Fixed not running on Mac OSX 10.5.8 Team Fortress 2 - MERASMUS! has leveled up at WizardCon! - "The Skull Island Topper" now tracks the highest level of Merasmus the owner has helped defeat - Increased Engineer, Scout, Pyro and Heavy damage against Merasmus - Increased Soldier and Demoman damage against Merasmus while he is in hiding - Saxxy Awards submissions are now being accepted for the Replay category via the in-game YouTube™ uploader - Fixed the Heavy not playing the correct audio when equipping all of the Grand Duchess items - Fixed the Grand Duchess items not being groupped as an item set - Fixed a bug that allowed spells to be applied to base items - Added zombie character images and a new Halloween background for the main menu - Beta version of new item import tool, available in game in the Steam Workshop submission process - Fixed Mann vs. Machine robots not taunting when they level up while carrying the bomb - Updated the health bar for Merasmus and Monoculus - Added more credits to Caliginous Caper, Wave 666