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  1. I think it's a worthwhile career, and there should be job opportunities for it. It's definitely a necessary thing to have (coming from the perspective of a software engineer) to ensure that products present a unified and cohesive interface. That being said, it'll be a lot of more boring/tedious work I'm sure. Like any career. Anybody you can shadow/interview/observe to see if it's what you're looking to do?
  2. cough cough If you're still doing the unRAID thing let me know. I know Bond and Fern at least dabble in fun stuff as well...
  3. Hah, thanks on the 3k posts! Didn't even notice it, lol. Not sure about 2142 playerbase on it. Don't see any games offhand, but there are about a dozen BF2 games (some have decent NA ping) and there's even a room up for the BF1942 _demo_. I used it a lot to play Borderlands back when gamespy was still a thing, because it was terrible. It's definitely a great program for older games -- lots of AoE2, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2 (I thought I saw at least) and others.
  4. Competitive stuff with TF2 hasn't really been happening much in a while - we did UGC iron & steel a...couple years ago? Everybody doing the thing where they're getting lives and jobs and stuff. Maybe an easy toe-dipping thing would be competitive matchmaking in TF2 (which might be out sooooooon?).
  5. I like using GameRanger for older stuff that doesn't support online any more - most communities are pretty lively (and I know the old Battlefront has been getting a lot of playtime recently). GameRanger is @ There's a guide for tweaking BF2142 to run well with it at
  6. Hey! Still doing the coffee roasting thing?
  7. He's really bad at handling spies. Easy pickins.
  8. I've been thinking about getting it (and a TrackIR, of course). Am a bit worried it's going to be discarded when/if Star Citizen comes out.