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    im 15 and my favorite color is blood
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    does being lazy count?
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  1. Please direct yourselves HERE That will explain everything!
  2. I've got plenty of extras of stuff, just ask, I want the huntsman real bad and/or the sniper hat :grinner:
  3. Happy birthday! omg it's skitzo!?! where'd he come from
  4. I Agree, Merry Christmas I hope i got what i wanted for christmas... :flamethrowerGUN:
  5. Fo reals? He needs to stop writing on his hands in that case.
  6. Argh i got to the last one and lost it : /
  7. I would vote for Steven Colbert, but he dropped out, luckily I'll be able to vote in the next election! I'm excited, and alot of people at my school say i'm the most politically Savvy freshman in the bunch, Not sure if that's a good or bad thing lol Also, this. I love this Video with a passion :widegrin:
  8. Go ahead and delete my Gmod server thread, nobody uses it anymore so it's ok if you delete it =D
  9. Don't terminate the clan! noooo i love W]M[D! :hides:
  10. Thanks, lol, i love hijacking things!
  11. Yams and BananaNEVER AGAIN Also welcome new people!:grinner:
  12. My grandma makes the best banana bread ever, BTW put peanut butter on it OMFG
  13. SkitzoFranik


    Rebuttle Me at Homecoming, yes:secretsmile: