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  1. Now he just has to do like my mother and drink it out of a plain ol' glass tumbler with ice instead of just keeping it in the fridge. ~*~Classy~*~
  2. DAYBIRF. The day after BEES.
  3. Hey choob, now you can party with the big kids if you want. :grinner:
  4. Secret Santa: Dragon Quest IX, Shoujo Kakumei Utena soundtrack 2 Family: Sweater, slippers, gloves, a couple ornaments, candy, The Resistance (Muse album), Castle season 1 and the first tie-in novel, Leverage season 2. Steam sale: I've bought myself far too much. :V
  5. On the one hand, I never doubted you that it's good, on the other hand, you're linking "quality" and "quantity of award nominations" like the two things have ever in any universe been remotely correlated.
  6. Well, if I do manage to go I might also try to find a friend to crash with in Cleveland so I can possibly drink, so don't worry too much about time on my part; I do know we've got one or two potential others coming similarly far though, so I get that early is still cool.
  7. I dunno if I can get the car but otherwise I'm good.
  8. "Bubbler" is totally a Milwaukee-ish thing. The only time I ever heard it is when I used to live there.
  9. Little Blackrose on the left, little Blackrose's sister on the right.
  10. Rhad would probably play, you should give him a poke sometime.
  11. Hell yeah, though I've still got to hear if that date's OK for Heretic. But it's on for sure, whether then or sometime else.
  12. Speaking of people who need to read books, *glares at Bob*
  13. Clarinet~ And voice if you're willing to count it. =P
  14. Someone get Blackadder in here, he's going to grad school in Vancouver right now.