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  1. Hey! The upgrade is done! No more spambots I hope
  2. I'll donate if you promise to be nicer to me
  3. I was waiting for the initial hype to die down and see if it's still holding strong. I'm keeping my eye on it though
  4. Currently free with Twitch Prime - link your Amazon Prime (if you have it) to Twitch and get a free golden loot box...I got a skin I didn't have...and get 10 more loot boxes this summer through it.
  5. Sorry is the actual gameplay
  6. In case anyone missed it, looking good!
  7. What's everyone's thoughts on the new Battlefront game coming out? It looks interesting,but I didn't really enjoy the beta weekend of the first Battlefront from a year or two ago...still, it could be fun to play through some of these battles and this time there's a singleplayer campaign. Thoughts?
  8. Will do! I'm waiting for Ryzen 5 to drop here in a few weeks and see if the manufacturers drop any new motherboards with them. Even if they aren't too far ahead of intel in single core performance it may be more 'future proof' to have multiple fast cores as games begin taking advantage of them. I'm in the same boat though - I'll need a new mobo, cpu, ddr4 memory...
  9. Sure looks like Ryzen has potential for the long haul, as games rely more on multiple cores. I'm running an i7-2600k from 2011 and was looking at Ryzen as well, but there's some issues currently with memory speeds not being able to run at their rated speed. With Ryzen 5 (1600/1600x) coming out in a few weeks I hope to see AMD and the mobo makers release some updated BIOS or newer boards to help with memory compatibility. After I see some stability there I'll be making the jump. It's also worth noting that for price-performance the 1700 seems to be the best bet, in some cases it out performs the 1700x even.
  10. Whats the verdict on this? Did anyone pick up BF1 in the end or sticking to Battlefield 4?
  11. I have the EVGA 1070 SC and it's been great so far! Ran BF1 Beta like a champ too!
  12. I mean I did post on your facebook already so I shouldn't have to do this but here goes! Happy Birthday DD!
  13. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!! Hope it was a great one!!
  14. Jury's still out for me, I really enjoyed the conquest on the beta but I wasn't sold on it just yet. I was left feeling a little burnt out of it, but I think that's to blame on the single map so once I see how the other maps play I'll lean more towards a purchase. I'm generally against pre-ordering these days all the same so I'll see the initial feedback on launch and make my decision then.
  15. Just one more reason we can all enjoy this game everyone!