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  1. I really enjoyed the original but I don't know if I have 5 hours to dedicate to a game anymore. Any word on those kinds of changes?
  2. I can't believe he is talking to Keith Olberman...
  3. I played the leak beta...I also played the old Deus Ex. The beta is AWESOME. Bond, you would love it since I know you liked Metal Gear. It's tactical espionage in the future with a fantastic storyline and multiple endings. It's going to be good. Real good. But if you don't feel like being stealthy, you can always play it like COD as well. It's the beauty of the game. For any Mass Effect fans as well, the conversations in this game take the same concept of Mass Effect and makes it even better (IMO). You can talk people into or out of doing things. It's a tad deeper than ME and extremely fun. ^ Good gameplay into a conversation. (early spoilers)
  4. Haha, yep...see I said that BEFORE the F2P, lol
  5. That's is FREE. I look forward to the comments.
  6. And new ones have joined. At any given moment there are between 10,000 to 20,000 playing TF2 on steam.
  7. Unfortunately, this is the future of gaming. More money in it. Why produce games like CSS and TF2 (early days) that have the fans adding tons of content and playing for years (with no extra profit to the game makers), when you can include a store that makes a fat profit? Gabe said it himself...he sees the industry as a "service," no longer a product. And to that, I say, good bye glory days.
  9. I was at Denny's today and I saw this on the menu. I instantly thought of this topic, lol
  10. That's interesting considering that IGN rated the PC version .5 higher.
  11. I had zero expectations going into this game. I bought it anyway, because there is nothing else that seemed to capture my interest for this summer. That being said, from the moment I installed I fell in love with it. The art style is awesome, the gameplay is awesome and it's addicting. If I had to make one complaint, it would be about the map design. Everything else is fine. I have no idea where the negative press is coming from. This game is a solid 8.5 in my book. Any questions, shoot em to me on steam. Cheers
  12. So I got a "sneak peek" at the game... Yea...I thought Crysis 1 was okay. 2 is worse. Forget the Beta bugs, that is nothing. The entire game has been consolized.
  13. Pshhh...educated people, what do they know. It's like Global Warming...uhhh, HELLO IT'S STILL SNOWING!?
  14. you guys play in a regular server? lol... None of my friends play it regularly and I don't like bouncing around random servers.
  15. Do any of you play on a pvp server? I want to try one real bad.