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  1. gg guys, if u wanna scrim again anymap, any day, after 7:0pm PST. or idle #FL
  2. can we do 2 maps? we'll start at 7:00pm PST?Thursday guys tell me wut map u want to do... n we'll play 2fort or granary wutever u guys want out of those two
  3. alright, did u guys wanna scrim on 2fort (i know..not the best map, but it is on our league.) or we could do granary instead..i just really hate 2fort lol
  4. never got it alright, wut days good for u?
  5. we have 2 squads IIC is still usin our priv..so we can do it on your server
  6. u didnt even give me the ip to ur server...?
  7. alright thats good, do u guys have an mIRC channel i can idle in? and u guys got the server ip n stuff? for my server
  8. k sounds good, is there a map YOU guys wanted to do? or is badlands fine with everyone? do u guys got an IRC chan i can idle in until the match?
  9. alright, can we scrim this Tuesday 7:30pm PST badlands i just wanna get this thing going already.
  10. how about this monday? tomorrow? or Tuesday cp_badlands 6v6, and then the map u guys want...wut IS the map u guys want anyhow lol?
  11. so wut day did u guys wanna do this? any date any time at 7:00pm PST
  12. they just started it up =D first match is this sunday, so we wanna get a lil more prepared for badlands (which is next weeks map)
  13. i said STA 6v6, 1 medic, 1 demo, 2 of everything else. Thats there class limits.
  14. lol sorry guys my bad, meant 6v6 badlands
  15. yeah sure 2 maps are fine, just let us know wut map (any map is good, except ctf_quarry....never playing that again)