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    Just saying hello Alennia mentioned your Highlander team has been doing well and I wanted to give -insert thumbs up smiley-
  2. I miss prop hunt....especially when people were drunk, then it just got ridiculous....in a good way
  3. since UM is lame and no1 wants to play rts, i must resort to posting here been playing beta, pretty sweet. feel free to add me iPawn.Snakes waiting for Tock but his video card sux
  4. Alright sounds good. Btw awesome signature =p
  5. Would you be interested in having a possible 9v9 scrim on dustbowl this Saturday at around 9:30 est. We can help u out in return if u need a map to practice on. You can send me a msg on friends list. I think I have suthernkumfort on my list. yea i do. Thx guys