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  1. About two days left in the campaign. The game will be F2P at launch, but PVP matches will require cards from boosters/starters; new accounts are going to be given a starter deck and possibly a couple of boosters for free. That said, if it looks like something you'd be into I'd recommend pledging the $20 level which gives alpha access (expected in late August-early September), 2 preconstructed decks of your choice, 10 boosters, 3 free drafts (equivalent of 9 more packs), a booster from the second set, and an exclusive creature for PVE. i thought today's article was a good one; it talks about how players who have only played PVP in card games might enjoy the PVE content, discussed how the dungeons are and raids are designed to be puzzles and not just a straight match, and detailed the mechanics of one of the 3v1 Raids fights.
  2. It sounds like the TCG portion will be this game's way of replacing MMO combat, so it'll be similar to a game of Magic, with different win conditions, cards starting in play, life totals, etc. One of the battles they talked about in the'>Kraken dungeon has the enemy mind controlling the villagers in a town, and your opponent starts with a card representing that town's mayor in play. Depending on if the mayor lives or dies during the encounter, you get a different path through the dungeon. PVP will be more traditional; one of the features I'm excited for is the guild bank they've talked about that will let players in a guild pool cards/decks together with a lending system so players with a huge card pool can let those who aren't as hardcore into the game try out some of their decks and still stay competitive. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me on Steam.
  3. Hex is an upcoming Free-to-Play digital TCG by Cryptozoic Entertainment, makers of the World of Warcraft TCG. The mechanics look a lot like Magic, but without the restrictions that having a physical presence introduce. The plan is to offer PVE with dungeons, loot, and other MMO conventions, as well as a PVP side that plays more like a traditional TCG. Crypto's experienced in the TCG market and is already two years into development of the game. They've been bringing in pros from other TCGs to get feedback and the creative head, Cory Jones, is a former pro Magic player himself -- in short, these guys know TCGs. They've posted a gameplay video on their Twitch channel, and have a ton of articles on their website I've got a lot of confidence in their ability to deliver a solid product that fills a niche I've been looking for (a reasonably priced, online TCG with both PVP and PVE elements) so I'm in for a hefty donation that includes Guild Master and Raid Leader perks. If there's enough interest here, I'd be more than happy to start up a guild come alpha/beta and share the bonus perks.
  4. Never played lakeside or ashville, and not a fan of upward. Otherwise, good to go.
  5. There's no issue. Far Cry 3 isn't a Steamworks game though, so if you want Steam overlay while playing it you'll have to use the add a non-Steam game option. You won't be able to drop your uPlay key in and activate it for Steam.
  6. The big 22! I can't think of anything special that happens at 22, but please accept this traditional picture and have an amazing day today! PS: Check your Guild Wars mail
  7. I could be interested if you still need more.
  8. The developers of The Ship are looking to make another game in the series and have turned to Kickstarter for funding. For those not familiar, the way Kickstarter works is that you pledge a certain amount of money to back a project, and then choose a reward of equal or lesser value. If the project meets its goal then you're charged the amount of your donation, if it doesn't then you're charged nothing. Since the original picked up a bit of a following here I thought it might be of some interest. The lowest tier that includes a copy of the game is 16 GBP + 3 GBP shipping for the thank you letter, or about $30.
  9. This topic is more SFW than expected.
  10. You people are slipping. Reaver's off the hook since he's likely without power. But the rest of you... disgraceful.
  11. Oh, I thought of some more stuff. According to the wiki, influence and guild upgrades are on a per-server basis. So if everyone hopped ship to a server we haven't been on, we'll have 0 influence, and then if we all hop back to Borlis Pass, we'll have all of our current upgrades again. The only thing that carries over is the guild emblem (but not the ability to edit it).We're also coming up on 2 months since launch, so I'm not sure how many guildless people are still running around that are looking to be in a guild. My guess is the numbers will spike around the time of the Halloween event (a week from now), and then around Black Friday if there are any sales and Christmas. Having something solid nailed down for the first would be good, but don't be discouraged if there aren't (m)any good candidates until the holiday season. Edit: Thanks.
  12. This is probably the best solution, like K and Snp mentioned to give people a Guild Wars specific password that auto-logs them into the GW2 channel and gives them guest access. I think this has been done in the past with Diablo and the UM Lounge channels. Someone's trying to show off since he started playing Magic again.
  13. So... a few things. If we're serious about WvW, as much of a hassle it would be in the long run it would be beneficial to switch servers even though we'd be losing a lot of influence. Realistically there's not too much we can do on Borlis as a medium sized guild; maybe grab a few supply camps and towers but the disparity in skill between the bottom servers means we'll either be steamrolling Kaineng and Devona's Rest, or being steamrolled by the servers above up when we move up in rank. This site tracks WvW matchups and history and if it's something we want to do more of I think the best balance of skill and population (which will most likely translate to PvE as well) would be a server in the middle third: I'd also be up for trying out sPvP, which are small scale team battles to hold objectives. Free tournament games are 5v5 and "pub" gamers are up to 10v10. The biggest downside is that all awards are PvP specific; none of it carries over into the PvE world. I think sPvP has longevity if it ends up being fun since everyone is on an equal footing with regards to gear and skills (they're all available for free in The Mists), and it's a more clan-friendly format. ArenaNet is also planning to allow private server rentals but details on that are still vague. Not to derail too much and you addressed this in your closing paragraph but I find this to not be the case quite often, and it's been reflected recently by the added option to recruit votes.
  14. This game is $7.50 today on Gamefly (formerly Direct2Drive): I've been interested and heard a lot about the game but was waiting for it to drop below 10 bucks.
  15. Once we all get in and have slots, can we open the server next time? A big part of the fun, at least for me, is how chaotic it can get with a full server. Some of the maps -- specifically warehouse -- are also a lot more fun when you have more people to fill in the area.