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  1. Just wow. Here's the actual call:
  2. Ah, Sportball, the American pastime. I heard Lebron Griffith Jr. is supposed to break the record for most Scoredowns in an inning this season!
  3. Idea for a category: Most Horrifying Death due to Ajax's Phlogistinator
  4. Sounds like this was an inside job... could a certain bamboo-eating bear be responsible?
  5. Pretty much sums up TF2's entire item system if you think about it
  6. mine was in a bargain bin... at a garage sale... in Gary
  7. Ooh, sorry Rokku, and here I was about to vote "Yes" for accepting you as a recruit
  8. heh... Zordon TOTALLY won it for me
  9. I was a lover of this series before it was cool to love it (ie: before the first sequel) fun gameplay, open world playing, plus its a blast to be able to assasinate people in Rome (SUCK IT, POPE!) what's not to love? Also, I am the president of the SNP fanclub, consisting of myself, an urchin I found in Tock's basement, Crystal Blue's Half-Elf Paladin from D&D, Zordon from Power Rangers, Mithbuster and a half-melted ice cream cone with a mysterious past
  10. i get the medic thing, cause quite honestly all the other items (besides the Kritzkreig) are useless anyways, but why the soldier? I love how Valve implements these new items and weapons and then the main competitive tournaments that the games have end up removing half of them anyways. When competitive tournaments of your own game are removing content, you can assume that you MIGHT have done something wrong in the whole "adding items" department
  11. they should have finished the "meet the" shorts by the engineer update, by now half of their former player base has gone on to greener pastures.
  12. im serious, that was one of the most lol-worthy articles i've read in a very long time