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  1. I about lost it when you started whipping people for a whole uber. I miss the cheeky side of TF2. Also, the new fangled medigun you've got with the kill streak on it has lots of fun features... or they just added more to the game since I quit.
  2. I should be around. Just played this for the first time last week, it was a blast
  3. I had no idea what you were talking about on Tapatalk, because I didn't see the video... thought I was way out of the loop on the inside joke or something. Now I just see a picture of you in a youtube window
  4. Dear Hemlock, I <3 you for putting koth_rainbow in there. However, no one needs to be subjected to that. Arena, Saxton Hale... so much awesome.
  5. So if we rolled all of these people along with the mothers of all people who have viewed this post... that's what you're looking for? I imagine that would end up with something like this:
  6. Jarate - "Emergency Drug Test Sample" "Sniping's a good job, mate, and you wouldn't want to lose it."
  7. I think you have me, Bob, TSM, and Gerrit posted in this thread as showing interest in playing as at least reserves. That sounds like the beginnings of a fun scrim squad to me. Hit me up on Steam if you're ever looking to play. I'm on pretty much every night Monday through Thursday, and am available with some advanced notice Friday - Sunday.
  8. My price is one strange Kritz, and it always will be, if Cheez-it doesn't want to be bought.
  9. Ajax could definitely shoutcast on a Wednesday or Thursday night from my place... not sure other than that. I'll tell him to read the forums for once
  10. Seconding this idea, though I can't make it tonight. Arena is a nice way to mix it up versus our usual stock map pubstomping.
  11. Seconding warpath for actual rotation.