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  1. Awe thanks guys. I love birthdays but this year was not so great. Thanks for the thoughts.
  2. Was awesome to get to know you a bit Harlequin! I was dreaming about very strange things that for some reason included Ron Jeremy and South Park characters.
  3. Don't let him in! Whatever you do!
  4. Gerrit that happens here all the time. Pretty sure all surrounding cities under states of emergency, including my own, due to flood beats that. I expect snow days but never flood days!
  5. You forgot about Flood...
  6. I'm going to send that article to all my rl friends who think I'm crazy.
  7. Lol nope I don't! I only get 2 hours at my PC a few times a week and even less of that is to play...why would I waste time with that stuff!
  8. Congrats Hemlock! I better try getting to some of your events!
  9. Oh, I'll recruit you K!
  10. In the end he gets the factory! So does that mean I'm now the clan leader? Sweet!
  11. Do I get bonus points for getting aps in even though I'm MIA?
  12. As I haven't played much in the last 3 months I'd love to just be a sub if you need me. So let me know if I need to be added on the ladder as I know most leagues you have to be a registered player in order to compete even as a sub.
  13. I'm not sure south has anything to do with it Gerrit! I'm thinking East-West is more what it is as I'm about as south as you can go.
  14. Well that was fun... (yes I did heal the first round shhh)