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  1. when I logged on to the site it said insider strategies is private, thought it was wierd but psoted and noticed Im junior white member I didn't know I officially quit, I mean I was thinking about it for a day (honestly me and one clan member who I'm not going to say don't get along very well) but then I realized WMD is still better than a new clan where the main point seems to be talking worse than a pirate with scurvy. But I guess I'm kicked out of the clan now? (If it's because of my recent inactivity then sorry but I work 2 jobs sun/Mon/Tues. from 7am to 10pm so im to tired to even log on I literally get home and go to sleep, and well beyond that a certain girl hit my interest so now I know that's a story for a different time) I guess I'll be removing my tag then
  2. ok right now I'm missing jarate and cloak and dagger (and all hats) I have a ton of random extras like 4 ubersaws 2 spare razorbacks a ton of kgb... ok I have alot of extra everything (but huntsman)
  3. ahoy mate, I do frequently say hello as ahoy if anyone didn't notice, nice to have you
  4. Skaliton

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    I like scrimming (even though I'm always against our competetive team owe well, yesterday we tied them (granted we had 2 men up)
  5. oh felshatner you don't seem the intellectual type for the quote, so my guess is someone plays COD4
  6. hey roman I hate to say it but you retaliating didn't help your cause
  7. free weekenders rocked, don't diss on the people that let me walk casually past the front discuised to test out the dead ringer, but rarely got to use it
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    lol welcome to WMD man it's childish when we can be
  9. ok i know the funhouse has been down, but after hearing it is coming back up soon I meant
  10. wow, I work Sunday at 7am til 10 pm... I can't believe I'm sayying this but I'll game on if you guys can use me (I'm sure you will since it's hard to get 9 of us together for scrim time)
  11. ok, I'm not to big on competetive gaming...but goldrush? that isn't a map for that
  12. Want to get some scrims going just our clan since I've noticed when scrim time comes usually there are alot more of us willing to go, and since it's just for fun and so we can get better anyway. And since the funhouse is usually pretty empty we could just use it. And comments on that?
  13. Ok I have noticed him on sometime, maybe not alot but I usually am afk as of now when I'm on steam (stupid unlock system...I want my weapons) so idle servers...sorry OT I like felshatner
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    Um ok...well he says he has a vent, well to be fair I've never seen this guy, and the fact he seems to want scrim, buddies (go play some pugs), if this guy does get a vote do I even need to say no we just hold him in comtempt for the clan (used as a lawful disrespect for the legislative branch) Off point if that statement doesn't shed some light on what I go to college for...
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    Pow! Frost at least don't kill them in the forum