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  1. If you don't mind, I'd like one of the original Bioshock copies please... my Steam name is Abathur right now. Thanks.
  2. Trakel


    So I've been playing in the closed beta events and this game is a blast. I've been streaming me playing occasionally, sorry if the quality is terrible.
  3. Do your research guys, they're trying to do it again. Don't let them succeed this time either.
  4. Hey guys, it's been a long time since I've been around to say anything - mostly just peaking around. Anyways, I'm making this thread because of something you guys have probably heard about, but if not this is something you should definitely be aware of. It's some legislation that's going through the Congress right now dubbed SOPA, or "Stop Online Piracy Act" For those of you who don't know, this bill essentially enables the government of the United States to effectively have the ability to block or shut down any websites that host a song or video they down own the rights to. Moreover, any website that enables or facilitate copyright infringement. What's worse is that they don't have to worry about the court system to do this, they can just flip a switch basically. It doesn't take long to realize that this legislation essentially effects every website out there in some way. Look it up yourself if you don't believe me. If it helps, Google, Facebook, Reddit, eBay, Wikimedia, and the EFF are all opponents of this bill. Take a wild guess who are the largest supporters of it. If you guessed MPAA or RIAA or Viacom, pat yourself on the back. Do you really think Piracy saps 135$ Billion a year from the entertainment industry? That it costs millions of jobs? All I'm really trying to ask is - please, be aware of this legislation. It's very close to actually being passed, including it's sister bill the "Protect IP" bill in the Senate. Please spread this through your community, people you care about - take the time to write your representatives, and urge those around you to do the same. I don't want my rights violated like this, and I don't think any of you do too.
  5. Trakel


    I'm a tester for TOR. Honestly don't see it soaring very high.
  6. You do. Can I have it? Pleeeasseee?
  7. Does anyone have an Officer's Ushanka they'd be willing to give up?
  8. Trakel


    OMG DO WANT I only watched it once and I want it so badly
  9. Sure, you can pirate games on the PS3 if you hack it. But that's just one of many, many things you can do with a hacked PS3. To state that the only reason why people are trying to hack it is to play pirated games on it is, in my opinion, ignorant. So much in fact that it makes we wonder whether or not you actually read the article in the original post, and that your post was simply in spite of people who pirate games. Saying that the only reason people are hacking the PS3 is because of the ability to pirate games is exactly what Sony wants, they want that excuse to be used in this case. This thread isn't about piracy, its about the creative and innovative things you can do with a hacked PS3, such as the link in Bob's post, or some of the topics in the article. This isn't called "Sony's War on Piracy," it's "Sony's War on Innovation."
  10. I just tried this on a 6v that I had lying around. There were D-batteries instead, but its still pretty neat. I think it depends on manufacturer or whatever.
  11. Not to be the conspiracy theorist or anything, but this type of thing is certainly plausible. If you're as interested on weather or global mechanics like I am... Things are changing, that are out of place in consideration with the normal flow of things. Our planet has always heated up and cooled down for periods of time throughout history, but its certainly not out of place to ask whether or not humanity is impacting this natural occurrence. Anyways, its not just humans effecting the climate. Unusual solar patterns and constant polar shifting has had an effect on the weather. Don't be so hasty to say that real science isn't done any more... its not so much the scientists anyway, its more like the media blowing things out of proportion.
  12. If anyone does end up getting the game and there is some sort of friend trial thing, I would greatly appreciate a hit on this.